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Hello, I'm new a brief intro seems in order.

I am the progeny of 2 warring celts, one orange one green, raised on the fair ilse on ynys mon (Anglesey) and after a brief flirtation with the Benedictines (i almost became a postulant) i dipped my toe in the underground stream and found it was rather to my liking. I am 27 into (in very random order - also longwinded) neo/gnosticism, kabbalah, catharism, philosophy, NT hermeneutics, patricism, systematic theology (i notice u have someone here called Polycarp....i wonder if you have an Iraeneus, if so i should have called myself Valentinus, so we could all have a friendly fight), mystery schools, monty python, dorset cider makers, proper sausages, folk music, bearded men with pot bellies and stripey jumpers (think time team), satire, respectful irreverence (not an oxymoron....well technically it is), early music, C.S Lewis, Peter Abelard, Schoppenhaur, Jesus the christed one, Mary (Miriam) the Magdalene, the pre-rapheallites, Gustav Klimt, Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon, Stanley Spencer, James Joyce, Will Self, Jane Austen, David Bowie, Thomas Tallis, Byrd, Farfax, Hendrix, bluegrass, eschathology, bible codes, hermetic traditions, san-grael myths, Urangutans (i can't spell exotic words maybe its Orangutang.....i used to spell meringue as merange) and apple strudle.

Nice to be here, not quite sure how to behave yet or what to do but it will come in time with a little instruction....whoever made this place up, thank-you very much.
Hi Abelards_mistress - greetings from Yorkshire! And welcome to CR. :)
This "bearded man with pot belly" welcomes you...although time is something I have no control over. May you have fun among us and not be bored.
Hello Brian, a fellow yorkie - eh up lad - i wonder where in this fine county u dwell (i don't want your address, i could be barking mad or a bitter lancastrian), i live in the South Riding, in a hamlet betwixt Selby and Donny and i have been here 7 yrs (not a true yorkie - although this is my adopted home and i have been well and truly 'yorkshired' i.e i now look at price labels before purchasing and i travel 4 extra miles to save 2p on petrol....although i still can't abide John Smiths - it tastes and looks like puddle water).

Emong, i thank you heartily for the nice welcome and i urge you never to visit a gentlemans barber. As far as the time team ref goes, i notice you live in America, in the UK we get this lovely show called Time Team and its archeology for the MTV generation, a bunch of ageing hippies collected from various Uni's in England go around English fields digging earth and drinking cider, and they make the laborious task of lifting top soil exciting by getting people who belong to the Stonehenge Appreciation Society to make iron age broaches by smelting stuff, or make soap out of seaweed or mead out of wheat (they always uncover a series of small walls - Eddie Izzard does a funny sketch on this).....anyway, i only mentioned it to illustrate my preffered aesthetic, and it has nothing to with metaphysics.
Ah, yes - familiar with Selby - my somewhat frail grandparents live in a small outlying village called Camblesforth. :)

Myself - I'm in Hull - a place that is as exciting as the names sounds.

Glad to see more Yorkshire people here, though - there's just one Lancastrian around here that I know of, and they left for the USA many moons ago. :)

Actually, once studied in Preston, Lancs - very nice countryside. Much prefer there than Hull.

Hull isn't so bad, it gave us Phillip Larkin (i don't see him as a misogynist)and a big fish tank exhibit....anyway it could be worse, you could live in Scunthorpe or Wetwang (actually wetwang is pretty, and those who live there should print their norse heritage with pride, only they think it has a rude ring to it and so are a bit sheepish).
I wouldn't care much for Scunthorpe - but Wetwang I could. :)

I often take the family that way to various ancient sites, not least Wharram Percy, the old mediaeval village just up the road from WetWang. There's a lot of great history across the wolds, and there's some especially great countryside just before Malton.

Oh - and Wetwang fairly recently has a bronze age chariot burial within the village - found during redevelopment work. :)