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Oklahoma, USA
I wish warm greetings to all who may see
and duly acknowledge what is, and what shall be!

I come forward to say hello tonight after looking over things a bit. In my recent past, I used to be an administrator for another forum which now no longer exists. I would like to offer up a big compliment to the admin's here on the work that they have done to keep this board peaceful, and genuinely a treat to visit.
Another note of recognition to those participating here-- everyone is quite respectful of one another, and it also seems that everyone has the same interests in mind here. What a breath of fresh air!

My personal spiritual background is a bit of a mixture. I was raised a United Methodist, a faith that I followed until around my 16th year of age. I went through a period of searching, and after some time, the Tao Te Ching appeared in my life and changed everything from that point on. I have recently been exposed to Buddhism, and am intrigued. I practice meditation, mostly of the zazen variety, but am interested in, and have tried a few other methods. I am constantly amazed by life, and the experience of it all, in each moment.

I have never been a big fan of big hello's or grand goodbye's, so I will simply say it is nice to have found this forum, and I look forward to further experiences here!

Peace be yours.
Hi kensho, and a sincere welcome to CR!

Yes, mutual respect is a founding principle of this forum. Luckily, however, most of the time people abide by that quite naturally. A quiet word or two to steer thoughts or clear mis-understandings can work wonders. :)

Anyway, glad to be introduced - hope to see you around the different topics. :)
Namaste kensho,

welcome to the forum.

i look forward to your participation in the Eastern Thought section of the site.

i will occassionaly practice zazen, though as that is a Zen tradition, i only do it so that i'm famaliar with it. my main mediation practices are vipassana and dhyana, though as a Vajrayana adherent, i also employ some Tantric meditation practices as well.