thoughts on mind, prayer, faith



to me, there is only one way of "valid proof" of reality of christianity as one true religion. and that is faith and a personal relationship with christ. that "tug at the heart" "knocking on the door" that we are supposed to feel "deep down" and makeus say "oh man this is real!!!"

this always bothered me over the years. so here is my take on it, based on what i haVE OBSERved and on what i understand about jungian psychoanalysis!

i have a lot of thoughts on this. some of the most current:

god is

he is a divine mystery all powerful impossible to comprehend

evil and good are concepts that man created in order to justify things like religion that are used to help us but also to control us

if we didnt think we were evil we wouldnt need jesus

i think that good and evil are things that we normally harbour and at times nurture in our psyche/mind

i think that religion tells us we are wrong, and that it (religion, any religion that works on these presuppositions) is the solution to our wrongness.

thats not to say that i dont think religious texts, religious people and leaders are not good guides. but itsall human, and we all think and percieve a little different.

so what can overcome all that?

faith, but what is that

well hold on a sec becuase we are starting to discuss things i m not as sure about yet


back to the divine mystery, thats all good and everything. but where is it? well its in nature and in living things and in the universe and in everything. its also operates on levels that we associate with ideas like love, spirit, joy, humane, feeling, soul, heart, humanity, spirituality, art, creativity, probably on things we associate with darknss, positive and negative, evil, pain, emotion, and suffering.

i think those things, art, music, humanity and compassion are related to that other, that part of god and eternity and the cosmos, however its all organized

but back to faith, the "only thing that can unite humans who naturally think differently"

well i dont really buy it

one way of looking at piano playing, is to put your MIND HEART AND SOUL INTO THE PAINO, you do this gradually, its a active AND SUBCONSCIOUS process

soon piano playing starts revealing itself to you in new and weird ways, life revolves around piano playing, piano playing revolves around life. scale paterns chord progressions and rhtyms are seen everywhere. piano playing explains life, life explains piano playing. your mind becomes trained.

all kinds of things operate like this

kung fu talks about similar things, kung fu life would transcend piano playing and fighting and piano playing and fighting would reveal itslef to you in life, just like fighting theories would, studying animals and nature would in turn reveal more aout king fu and piano playing, and about whatever else you are devoted too. but in kung fu they try and see the bigger picture, its not all about fighting, its something bigger, but you can see how fighting relates to all of it. and you can see your place in it, and can see what steps you need to take to progress your relationship to your different devotions

kung fu also talks about no mindedness, this is the similar thing to the "zone" sports players get into, their mind bodies and spirits acting in harmony, subconsciously reacting.


what happens when we subcosciously react? or when we get into any "mode of life?" (like driving a car, or buying gas, or explaining to an ex why you want thm back) its almost like a trained personality takes over. many trained personalities can be working at once. theres a teained personality for driving a car, interacting with your old lady, interacting with her when she makes you mad. they have presupositons that subconsciously come into play. when talking with the ex, you may subconsciously take on a gentler tone, that gentler tone, in turn, is another "life mode." the life modes combine to create "complex life mode of talking with ex about why you want her back"

think about what happens, if, that is, if you ever lose control of you "residual self image" your rational, calm, gentle percieved self.

its almost like another person comes out, an angry person who does dark mean things. at least this is something i noticed. i had trained myself to let angry side get the better of me in certain stressful situations. this is the realest example to me of one of these internal traINED PERSONALITIES comming out.


ok so back to faith, and prayer, two ofthe most freaky deaky things i have thought about.

i think faith MIGHT be some sort of self serving and self fulfiling subconscious trained process.

i mean, a lot of us recognize that we have done messed up things

do we really WANT a just god who is gonna judge according to our worth after we die? some anti christians say this is what they want., they say, "christianity is too easy and selfish all you have to do is accept it fully and you are saved" and so on, i think they might be missing a point too, because then you get into degrees of "personal redemption" (which is what a person would have to do if he thinks god is going to judge based on his persoal commited acts of good and evil in life) degrees of personal redemption dont really work. (everyone falls short of kingdom of god, everyone sins)

so maybe good and evil is all part of it, and "normal" but obviously we have to strive to take care of ourselves, live with love and responsibility, and KNOW OURSELVES


but letme become christian for a sec

maybe faith and prayer is real, it sure sounds good to someone like me. i know that if god doesnt like bad acts, ive done some bad acts, so i definitely "need jesus", if i pray and feel relief in my heart that would stengthen my faith, and make me feel good!

i get into the habits and practices, having all these talks with god and stuff, and it builds upon itself over the years, faith grows, prayer grows, things in life are revealed and amplified and connections and paths are seen. kinda like the pieno playing, a lot like it, just like it if im right

i think prayer might just be a motivational self talk/mental organization of life problems that has a deeper impact into our mind and psyche. this is a good or a bad thing. good if it helps, bad cuz it might be able to cause a pretty good mind-fack (lol).

and because it can become "proof of a real undeniable (because it is intangible) god connection, which in turn prooves validity of religion

faith is difficult to comprehend, but it deals with intangible stuff like heart soul and feeling. often times people will make it clear that god works out of the realm of human logic and reasoing. so they say "you shouldnt try and reach him using human concepts like logic or reasoning. but then they try and "using logic and reasoning" justify his existance on intangible things such as faith prayer, feeling and heart.

im not sure yet.

im not saying there isnt a divine, i just still cant think or accept that hindis and jews, agnostics and yoruba priests and all these other fellows are going to hell.

and i cant believe that god created us knowing only a select few would get to chill with him.

im not saying i think there is no such thing as good or bad acts. but most bad acts are justified in the mind of the one doing it, why? because of confusion and irresponsibility.

i still think we need to get to know ourselves a bit more, realize our place, realize our relationship to the other, to our mom and dad, our ancestors, and all our village brothers and global brohters and sisters, and see the positives and negatives.

there are more similaritis than differences in WORLD religion. even in the (so called) "far out" santeria stuff. i mean, some of that sounds a lot like yin and yang!

so does "love your enemy"

humanityhas a dal nature. christianity can use jesus to help overcome dual nature and strive for good.

i probably left out some stuff. these are some of my thoughts at the time.

by the way

lets say ALL religion is totally man made. has god influenced it, im sure he/she it has. i dont think he just operates on a human or natural plane though. he operates on a lot of stuff and a lot of planes probably

i think a key for all of us is to try and live actively and consciously and try and see the paths that life is showing us.

i really dont have much of a problem with (the idea of) jesus, i think he had a beautiful world view.

unless hes the personification of the old testament yaweh which is again very freaky deaky.