What Quran says about the creation of this universe.


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I am just curious, What Quran says about the creation of this universe? any Muslim brother please....

and please no human thoughts, i would rather like to here references from qoran itself. thanks.
the Quran supports the big bang theory, modern cosmology indictaes that at one point the whole universe was nothing but a cloud of smoke, scientists can now see stars forming out of this smoke, (i did physics and also learnt this) the Quran mentions some things about this:
eg, ''then He turned to the heaven when it was smoke...'' 41:11 ,
becasue the earth and heavens above (sun, moon, starts planets etc) have been formed from this same smoke, we can conclude that they were all once a connected entity, then seperated to form each other.the Quran states:
''have not those who disbelieved known that the heavens and the earth were one connected entity and then We seperated them?...''
:) There is an english translation of the Koran (english) you can find it at orionbooks.co.uk I found this to be of great help in understanding the Muslim religion.
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In order to learn about the science and the Holy Qur'an, I would advise you to read the book called "Bible, Qur'an and Science" by Maurice B (I don't know how to spell his name, let me get back to y ou on that). But anyway, the book analizes the Qur'anic verses in the light of modern science (astronomy, meterology, anatomy, etc).

But, let me summarize the creation of the universe based on the Qur'an. The Qur'an tells us that the sun and the earth were united in one smokey/gaseous mass and then they later separated (bib bang). The Holy Book says that the creation of the universes (it speaks of 7 heavens meaning multiple universes/heavens) took six periods of time and it does not show particular sequence of creation. There is very few verses in the Holy Qur'an that mentiones a sequence of creation, but rather it gives impression that things were created simontaneously.

Also, the Holy Qur'an talks about sun and moon orbits and their appointed destinations where they will die out (which is confirmed by the most recent scientific findings).

Please read the book I mentioned, it is very englightening.
I am just curious, What Quran says about the creation of this universe? any Muslim brother please....

and please no human thoughts, i would rather like to here references from qoran itself. thanks.

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Holy Quran:

It is God who raised the skies without support, as you can see, then assumed His throne, and enthralled the sun and the moon (so that) each runs to a predetermined course.
He disposes all affairs, distinctly explaining every sign that you may be certain of the meeting with your Lord[FONT=&quot]][/FONT] ( Ar-Ra`d; chapter 13 verse:2)

Islam and the Nature of the Universe
By Nehal El-Hadi*

The last of the Abrahamic religions, following Judaism and Christianity, Islam considers the creation of the universe as ultimate proof of the existence of one Creator who “is that dimension which makes other dimensions possible;
He gives meaning and life to everything” (Rahman)

Holy Quran:

Haven't the unbelievers seen that the heavens and the earth were joined together (in one singularity), then we clove both of them asunder.” ( chapter 21: verse 30)

The Glorious Quran describes these three successive stages in the verses (21: 30), (41: 11) and (21: 104). The first and the third of these verses are discussed above, while the second reads:
"ثم استوى إلى السماء وهي دخان فقال لها وللأرض إئتيا طوعًا أو كرهًا قالتا أتينا طائعين"a (فصلت)

"Then He (Allah) turned to the sky while it was smoke, and ordered it the earth to come into being willingly or unwillingly, they answered: we do come in willing obedience*" (41: 11)

pl. visit islam online & other Islamic sites to read the articles.
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In 1978, he happened to read the Qur'an expecting that it, too, would contain a mixture of truth and falsehood.

He discovered to his amazement that the message of the Qur'an was precisely the same as the essence of truth that he had distilled from the Bible.

He became a Muslim and since then has been active in giving public presentations on Islam including radio and television appearances. He is also the author of several articles and publications about Islam

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