Encounter With The Beloved

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Who amongst those here on this forum have had an intimate, personal and intense encounter with the Divine that lasted more than a few weeks and had such a profound effect on you that it changed the way you viewed life, God and reality in a dramatic and lasting way?

I have had such an experience. For 3 months I was immersed in the wonder of the Beloved(Allah/God as referred to by sufis). I was in a state of total union and love with the Divine in myself, the creation and all created beings. I could physically hear a musical singing eminating from all things. Each things both living and inanimate was singing a unique song that all fit together in one grand beautiful chorus of harmony and praise all in and to the Glory and Majesty of the Supreme Light of Love that is our creator. I was reading the Qur'an leading up to this experience. I had grown weary of my years involved with the Black Arts of the occult. I had reached out to the universe in a desperate plea to be shown what was real, why I was here and made myself open to whatever was to be shown me. What I experienced was a direct revelation from the One I now know as the Beloved, my Beloved creator, the cherisher and sustainer of my body, mind and soul. I have found sufism to be the most close to my heart path for turning my heart and mind to the goal of union with Allah/God/my Beloved.

Perhaps others are familiar with what I have spoken here. Please share, I am most interested and am most grateful for any and all sincere input regarding this.

Peace Be With Us