Songs? lol..

You crack me up, 17th. :D
Here you go: Sumer is icumen in (sheet music--PDF)
Here's the MIDI so you can play along.
You can find other Medieval sheet music and MIDI's here.

My apologies for posting the wrong song above. (Sumer is icumen in.) :eek:
It is still an interesting medieval piece.

Have fun! :D

Thank you very much seattlegal! :D
SHHHH!!! Never correct yourself... They may not have noticed ¬.¬

Hi--just saw the conversation regarding the Jew's harp. (For a long time, I thought it was called a "juice harp" too. I thought it sounded messy.) :D

Just thought I'd post a word of warning! Be careful, ya hear? :)

Regarding the name.. I think it is odd that it isn't used by Jews, and it isn't a harp..........

Careful is my middle name... Well kinda middle, comes after non. :D