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I agree with Wil Wheaton:
I don't support this war.

I believe that Mr. Bush's justifications for it are based on lies.

I believe that he has lied to the American people, and to the world.

I believe that there is a small group of people within Mr. Bush's administration who have wanted to invade Iraq since the mid-1990s. The horriffic terrorist attacks on September 11th, which have nothing to do with Iraq and everything to do with Saudi Arabia, have been exploited by this small group of people to justify this invasion.

While I believe that Saddam Hussein is a terrible despot, I do not believe that this action is worth one American life, and I hope for the speedy return of all military forces to their families.

May Peace Prevail On Earth.
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Wil Wheaton? Wasn't he "Wesley Crusher" in Star Trek - the Next Generaton"?
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I could never understand why he was written out the way he was. One moment, Wesley Crusher was the son of Beverley Crusher and an aspiring junior officer going through Starfleet training.

The next thing I saw was that he was suddenly evolving into an omniscient life-form, and thus said 'bye to mom to vist extra-dimensionless realities.

They repeated the same line to Neelix's female love somewhere in the "Star Trek: Voyager" series. One of the most bizarre write-out strategies I've ever seen. Deus ex machina taken to extremes.
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Wil left Trek because-- at the time-- he wanted to pursue a movie career, and thought he had a good chance to do so. i think the way he was written out of the series was a brilliant and logical evolution of the character.
he got a lot of flak for his role as Wesley (especially the early years) because people didn't understand the character and many were simply jealous that they weren't as talented.
Voyager was complete ass and non-canon as far as i'm concerned. (so is Enterprise)
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If I remember right, the annoying thing about Wesley in the earlier episodes was simply that he was treated as a redundant character - a token kid, intended to be "cute". Once he was involved in academy training plot lines he became properly interesting, notably because the writers started to treat him as a real character, and get him properly involved in the stories.

The Trek people were usually okay with writing persona (but never with long-term plots/experiences - ie, if a character is tortured one week, the memory will never afflict them again), but they have never had a clue about using time - "the future has happened but it won't" was too often used. The "omniscient being write-out" was really very cheap. To pull off a plot like that really requires a more long-term progression, otherwise the audience feels "cheated". But, again, the Trek writers couldn't handle plot progression until they reached the whole "dominion war" in DS9. Even then...

Series 3 of "Babylon 5" was some of the best written sci-fi ever seen on screen. Now he could write long-term plot progressions - when he wanted to. Shame he couldn't finish them properly. JMS really messed up bad in the end.

Hmm...methinks we're going to need a new thread about all this somewhere... ;)
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Whaddya know - I just checked the link - Wil Wheaton was one of the kids in "Stand by Me". That's a superb film, with superb acting all around.
Just a note to say that I've experimented with the "split thread" function of the site, and now moved this from the "anti-Christimas" thread. Seemed much more appropriate in the General Lounge than anywhere else.
I have to say I never liked Wesley. He was just a throw-away pathetic geeky kid who was never of any real significance in the show, its quite unsurprising that Wil Wheaton decided to leave. I remember seeing him in the film "Toy Soldiers" years ago and being impressed with his acting ability. On the whole, early TNG episodes were incredibly flawed anyway, more like TOS episodes than anything else. I particularly remember the series 1 episode in which the Traveller (the omnipotent being that eventually took Wesley away) brought the ship outside the universe. Did you know that outside the universe exists pink space?? No, me neither.

As for Wils comments on the war, he is absolutely right. I personally cannot see how there can possibly be any significant military targets left in Iraq. If you bomb a country regularly for 12 years there isn't realistically going to be much left to aim at. Having said that, American foreign policy has always been paranoid and agressive, whereas Clinton put a veil over his actions, Bush has foolishly left his opinions and policies open for all to witness. You must remember that Mikhail Gorbachev wanted all nuclear weapons destroyed by the year 2000. He offered to sign treaties with both Reagan and Bush Snr. banning the possession of nuclear devices, both presidents declined. Then Mikhail Gorbachev declared that whether or not America did, Russia would no longer test any nuclear weapons, America of course did not match the offer, Mikhail Gorbachev stuck by his word. Now Bush has resumed the Star Wars program, all he has done is create the foundations of two Cold Wars, one with Russia, and another with China. It seems that America is determined to create a; to quote Chamberlain; "Iron Curtain" of western belief over the eastern world. In the end there are only three real reasons for a war with Iraq. Primarily, is the issue of depleting oil reserves. The blatant 'dont destoy your own oil fields, they are valuable to Iraq' speech he gave toward the Iraqi people is more than enough evidence of this. The two secondary reasons for war with Iraq are (A) to test the water, so to speak. To see if Russia, China etc will try to stop them, and (B) to save face. This is important after the bodged invasion of Afghanistan, and the failure to get Osama Bin Laden, another man targeted by the American government since the early 90's. What many people are quick to forget is that this is supposed to be a war on terrorism, Saddam Hussein, as tyranical and opressive a leader as he may is not a terrorist. Nobody hass for a second suggested that he was responsible for 9/11, there is still no (non-fabricated) proof that it was even the work of Bin Laden. How long will it be before a token Bin Laden or Hussien character is fashioned by the US, as an excuse to invade more of the world? What is to be next? Possibly the creation of another Hussienesque media figure in nieghbouring Iran, or another in Vietnam? As for Wil's comments on the lies that America uses predominantly as an excuse to go to war, he is correct here to. You only need to read up on Colin Powell's fabricated speech to see this. His "evidence" that Saddam still had weapons of mass destruction was actually a series of pictures taken from a university thesis that had been posted on the internet, thesis on the first gulf war - 12 years ago. So yes Wil is right. Unfortunatley Wil isn't the one sitting sipping tea, and playing wargames, and being read bedtime stories at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by the only man with more of a quest for global domination that Bush Jnr, Mr Cheney. Democracy eh, dont you just love it?
Next Gen certainly improved as the series went on. Seems they overhauled everything - there's even a very sharp (and improved) difference in lighting as well.

Some interesting stories as well, at times.

Never been able to get into the other spin-offs. Too much recycled material, and I cannot stand the constant evangelising about the joys of the superior human species they insist on running in every version.
I've only seen a little of the spin-offs - that's what I mean by not being able to get into them. Next Gen had some superb one-episode stories, but at very irregular intervals.

Watched some early DS9 but just simply stopped watching - same with Voyager. Only saw a little of season three, but am told that DS9 much improved after.
Namaste all,

argh... i can't believe that i missed this thread...

Wil Wheaton is a decent actor, though the character of Wesley was terrible. he was basically gone from the show by the 4th season. if you watch the first season of ST:TNG again, you'll note the striking similarity to TOS episodes... some of down to the same set!

in truth, the show got much better after season 3.

by the same token... the show got better when they quit with the whole "kids" angle of the show. remember when they kept parading kids to the bridge for no real reason other than "people love kids"? it was quite annoying.

Voyager, though rather lousy overall, did have it's moments of greatness. in particular some of the episodes that dealt with species 8472 and the Borg.

i have found that Enterprise is changing the Star Trek universe... heck.. they even changed First Contact! the blasphemers!