An Introduction to Meditation


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An Introduction to Meditation

Jyoti (Inner Light) Meditation

"Meditation is the process of withdrawing the attention
from the world outside, and focusing it at the seat of the soul
in the body, behind and between the eyebrows. This point is
known as the inner eye, third eye, the single eye, shiv netra,
tisra til, or the divya chakshu. In order to withdraw our
attention and focus it on this point, mind must be controlled
and stilled.

"Sit in one pose, and move not your head, limbs or eyes. Sit
straight but relaxed with no tension in the body below. Sit
still, please. To be still does not mean moving!"

His arms sweep inward, hands contracting to the point between his eyes.

"Close your eyes as in sleep, and look sweetly, lovingly,
intently into the middle of the darkness lying in front of
you. You will see a dark veil. That which sees the dark veil
within, without the help of your physical eyes, is the inner eye.
Do not put any strain on your physical eyes, nor turn them upwards,
for that will result in headache or heat. Pay no attention to the
breathing process... let it go on naturally.

"There are two currents working in the body; one of motor-currents
or prana or the vital-airs, and the other of surat, or attention,
which gives us the sense of feeling. The Saints do not touch the
prana currents which govern breathing, circulation of blood,
growing of hair and nails. The pranic system of breath-control is
the way of yogis and not that of the Saints. The Saints' way is
to concentrate surat or attention at the Single or third eye
while mentally repeating the mantra of five charged names which
act as an "open sesame" to the higher planes.

"Those who are initiated, repeat the Five Charged Words**, one by
one, very slowly, mentally, internally, at intervals, so that your
inner eye is not disturbed. Those who have not been initiated,
just sit in sweet remembrance of God... repeating with the tongue
of thought any name of God or Saint which you hold dear."

(Ram, HU {pronounced "HOOOOO"}, AUM {pronounced "OOOMMM"}, Allah,
Yeshua, Radhaswami {Ra-da-SwaMMM-EEEE}, or some other sacred name)

"As you look within, you will see a sky, or blue sky: If you look
minutely into it, you will find it studded with stars, or you may
see pinpoints of Light. If so, try to locate the big star out of them,
and fix your whole attention on that. Then you may see the inner
sun or moon. If so, focus all your attention into the middle; it
will break into pieces, and you will cross it. Beyond you will
see the radiant form of the Master or his Master... "

He continues with the esoteric instructions, until everyone is

"...Become the eye itself. Go on looking constantly without a
Any effort on your part stands in the way; let yours be an
effortless effort, and you will find that your soul will be
withdrawn from the body....." (Kirpal Singh)

[**NOTE: The Five Charged Words given at the time of formal Initiation
into Surat Shabd Yoga meditation by a Living Teacher]


Give us what no eye has seen,
What no ear has heard,
What has never occurred to the human mind.*

Lead us from the unreal to the real.
Lead us from darkness to Light.
Lead us from death to immortality.**
* Jesus, Gospel of Thomas
** Hindu Upanishads