My Oklahoma Home (video)

I will be there for a week next week. Any recommends? Hope I'm not blown away.
It was a fair bit gusty and stormy mid week, but I was not blown away. I was in OKC.
I need to visit there next time someday soon. You seem to call Oklahoma home but your Location on the left says Kansas. I spent my early years in Derby. I can't say I fully miss it but it is fun to revisit.
I am an Okie in Exile. I am exiled in the same way the Jews were in Persia. I long for home, safely from a distance.
Hey Okie--

Didn't know the Bruce did that tune. Shades of Seeger and the Weavers and all those who came before....

First time I've seen the Missus with the wind in her hair like that...well, sort of...tell'er we said "Howdy".

Forget the tornados, Bobby--How about the snow and ice?? I noticed that thousands of folks in Kansas and Missouri are without power today? Bobby? Bobby, are you out there? :eek:

The day before yesterday, my husband and I were sitting on the patio, enjoying 80 degree weather. Then there was a blast of wind. We looked at one another, and J.H. asked me, "Did you feel that?" I sure did. Within the hour, the temp had dropped 50 degrees or thereabout. Everyone here is looking around for "Yankee" friends who have nifty items such as snowtires and chains and all that good stuff that we don't ever need here, except when we do. If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait a minute....

You heard about the Texas farmer who was plowing the cornfield one day, and it was so hot that the corn started popping? The mules (yes, mules) pulling the plow, being savvy to the way the weather is here, proceeded to lie on the ground and die of frostbite.