100 things to do before I go...


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Wild, Wild West
Alright, I really mean 100 things to do before I die, but that sounded a bit depressing. :D

I don't have 'a list' yet, but you all have heard of this before, right? You make a list of 100 things you would like to do before the end, and set out to cross them all off.

So...looking for ideas. What are the things you would like to be sure to do/experience before you go? *Keep it clean, please. This is a family site.*

I'll start with one I just mentioned in the What's New thread. I really would like to see the Grand Canyon, and I think this is one I'll be able to do in the next couple of years, if not sooner now that we live in Colorado.

Kindest Regards, Luna!

Great idea for a thread. In keeping with the natural wonders of the western US, I'd say add Methuselah the ancient bristlecone pine up near Bishop, California. Since one would be "in the neighborhood," I would add Yosemite and the Giant Redwood Forest (especially General Grant and General Lee). If one could locate the area, I have long thought it a neat idea to stand within the 20 square miles of mushroom "roots" (I know that's not correct, but the correct term is escaping me just now) somewhere in southern Oregon that comprise the largest single living creature on the planet. I would also like to see the "giant" inscribed on the desert floor in far southern California reminescent of the Nazca drawings. Come to think of it, I'd love to see Nazca too. And the Tepui's of Venezuela...I could go on and on, but I think I'll let someone else have a go.
Thank you for the reply Juan, and the great ideas. :)

A further note, suggestions do not have to be places to see, they can also be other types of experiences.

Enjoy the "first fruits" of your daughters' labor in the kitchen (especially if they show an aptitude towards cooking/baking), enjoy the discoveries/rediscoveries of the little things through a fresh perspective (your own/your family's/any future children's you may have or adopt), watch a sunrise/sunset in relative peace and quiet, watching/listening to some accomplishment of your children...

I might think of others later, although I'm not sure if my list is of any worth (I don't have kids, so I really have no inkling.) :eek:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Have a book published

Learn some form of martial art

Get in the Guinness Book of World Records

Plant a tree
Become even more wealthy.

See my son Lucifer rise to a greater success than myself.

Live in Mexico for at least a few months.

Live in Hong Kong for at least a few months.

Travel the entire land of Canada.

Well, in fact to be able to say I have been to every country in the world.

Have grandchildren.

Get all ten of my novels published, and perhaps go further.

Meet Steven King.

Meet Bruce Campbell.

Go to the "forbidden city".

Eat at least once, every type of creature that lives on the planet.

Get my dog to obey me a little more.

Own a Bentley Continental.

Camp under the deadly cold desert night skies.

Travel to a real small and insignificant island see if I can find new and wonderful creatures/plants.

Leaving a forever lasting mark on history (good or bad)

Being able to have the ability to go back in time to a more primitive time and becoming their god..... lol.

To be able to cook any dish there is.

To be able to swim.

To lose my fear of water.

To learn to forgive.

Have my own farm/ranch

To see weed legalised.

To see cars that float around like in time cop/robo cop/fith element and so on.....

To see the most amazing northern lights storm.

To play hockey for a professional team. At least one game... One period even.

To go white water rafting over the most violent of rivers.

To punch Charlotte Church in the face.

To Punch Arnold Schwarzenegger in the face.

See a comet threat.

... Could go on...
Why Arnie, and why the Church?

Arnie put to death a good man..... He didn't give him a second chance, he ignored the pleas from people that also reconised this man had changed his ways and had become an excellent teacher to the youth....

Church, because when she sung in the church she had a voice of an angel she had talent and she is not a sl*t with no talent..... And as a bonus has a punchable face.
There's a part of me wants to argue with you, for instance I've loved Arnie since he rescued his daughter from a South African in a chain mail vest.
But I think if we start then we'll ruin luna's thread, so I guess I'll have to respect your desires.
Eat at least once, every type of creature that lives on the planet.

Travel to a real small and insignificant island see if I can find new and wonderful creatures/plants.

...and presumably eat them :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


(OK maybe that was an excessive number of red faces)
lol, yes, maybe too many red faces..

erm, my list would run a lil something like...

...learn how to type quicker
...drop into Leviathan (its a newly discovered cave)
...be the ruler of the world's first intergalactic dictatorship
...establish my word as law

erm, then I'd have a holiday, somewhere sunny...

I'm wondering if you suffer from low self-esteem?


I don't think low self-esteem always comes from wishing to be a world ruler... :) I would say you would have more of an ego than doubt if you believe you could lead. And acomplish your word as law. Good for Francis. Go out there friend and be your own king. :D
Well sorry, first I need to pay my mortgage before I go.
Don't want to make this thread too depressing:D

Seriously, to live life abundantly, whatever that means, I'm still wondering:confused:
I like the way you think, Luna. I have found that the older I get, the easier your approach becomes. Petty stuff in real life that formerly drove me to distraction seems to fall away more easily each year.

Does this make sense ? I think we are all embraced by time's relativity and in ways quite apart from Einstein's teachings. Time is actually built into us since time is integral with the universe's fabric. The world moves so slowly for us when we are young, but begins to fly by faster each day when we hit fifty or so...or at least that's been my experience.

The older I get, the less consequential time becomes to me. It's like when we begin as children we have fewer memories and fewer reference points to relate to, but over time we accumulate more and more such reference points and finally have a realization that we are rushing towards some sort of point of profound change.

Hi All--

Good idea for a thread, luna. Interesting answers so far!

I'd like to actually complete some beautiful musical recordings of my own, and some with my husband (the musical genius). I'd like to do some original stuff and some interpretations of others' work. I'd like to put some of my mom's poetry to music, as well.

I'd like to write a book instead of always technically being a "contributor" or an editor. Getting it published would rock.

I'd like to finally become completely and undeniably fluent in Spanish, and then move on to, oh, say, Portugese, French, Mandarin, etc....

I'd like to help make life a little more comfortable and joyful for those I "leave behind". I want them to be able to see all the opportunities there are to experience Love. I'd like to somehow lessen the worries that can cloud our vision.

I'd love to go swimming again (something I adore, but have not been able to do for a long time due to illness). I think I'd probably love it if dolphins were involved.

I'd like to finish a painting I have been staring at since I started it a long time ago.

I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony (sorry, that was just too tempting).

I'd like to go on and on....:)

I'd like to finally become completely and undeniably fluent in Spanish, and then move on to, oh, say, Portugese, French, Mandarin, etc....
Seriously hard work.

We see things in the newspaper over here that Mandarin is becomming much more important in America, is that true?