The anti-Christmas


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We're hours away from the end of George Bush Junior's 48 hour deadline to Saddam Hussein.

Operation Desert Storm felt very remote to me at the time - even when the physics teacher stopped the class to bring out the TV so we could watch the news updates.

I figured therefore it must be a big thing - last time that had happened was in school, with the English teacher requisitioning a TV so that we could watch the very first space shuttle launch.

But now - now as a grown adult with children, I can only feel a sense of trepidation. A lot of people are nervous - as if entire world stability is at risk. Perhaps it is. That is the fear.

This evening feels like "anti-Christmas". That's the only way I can describe it. Tomorrow will be a big day. But it's not one to be excited over.

No doubt that some time after this post, that sense of apprehension will look silly.

Even when the first nuclear device is eventually used against in a terrorist act, it is the entire reluctance of the world to address the lamentable Palestinian situation that would likely have been the main engine for it - as it appears to be for all radical Islamic militancy across the globe.

I will remember tonight. I will remember how though we were safe thousands of miles away in Britain, we did not feel safe. It is not a night of fear. It is a night of an awakening realisation that within this world of ours, we have no real voice, and our words are not listened to regardless. And for that the world moves towards greater instability.

Let the American people take comfort in the reduced oil prices that will follow the US control of Iraqi oil-fields. I will take no comfort in that.
I hope your anti-xmas was as much as a let down as your real xmasses ;)
I for one do hope that none of your Christmases are ever a disppointment and say the same for each and every day. We should never take our short time for granted. Every day is a gift.
The war makes me feel sad because of the plight of the people of Iraq. Yet I only do so because their situation is on the television throughout the day. There are many others who are suffering worse. Two million people worldwide will die of Tuberculosis this year.

Angel White
Just to let you know, I've just experimented with one of the admin features to split the topic - the replies dealing with Wil Wheaton and Star Trek have been moved to the General Lounge. Hope that's alright with folks.

As to the topic - it's not a war story directly, and it won't see major news coverage - but there's something inherently sad about it anyway: Iraq refugees desert Jordan camp
i am soooooooooo bored with iraq :crazy3: :pain10:
I am not bored by it, but will be very glad when it is soon over.