three big things in the mind of society


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Three things are happening in the mind of society, either christianity is being exposed for the fraud it is (leading to schizophrenia of thought, and a "let me have my god and my cancer research with a side of dr phil all at the same time) and standing on the last legs, it will fade out and an understadning will occure to lead people into harmony and outer space and a revolution of yoga and kemetic and kung fu or ila ife or kaballa meditation to attain true unmuddled higher self ness, OR christianity was right all along and we are in a bad episode of the sci fi show sliders, the episode with the crazy god who thinks we all need hell because we are not "perfect" like him, created all that is all and yet cares whether or not people worship him, he also created an arch nemesis that is controling more on this planet than he is, and he actually wills this, hes the one that likes the people to call him massa, tank you massa, i know betta den to mess wit hell and your wrath lawd thank you for loving me i would neva question, i's hopes you will see me throughs on da other side!... (this crazy god doesnt care about or understand word sound power, I within I, or association of words to meanings and brainwashing, brainwashing is easier than it sounds folkes. is there any reason we have a monday and a tuesday or a one o clock two o clock? well it helps society run... but its still brainwashing, just positive and society accepted!) OR on the verge of this new dawn of human enligtenment , the ingrained christian consciousness will label the enightenment move ment/world leader the spirit of the antichrist. the consciousness that church created and the resulting shifts of society will carry out an armaggedon war that ends most human or other wise life, and we will have an end of the world whether god wants it / is real or not...