A wellspring of Faith


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When I became interested in Buddhism my perspective was heavily weighted on self observance, at the cost of others. That has turned around drastically with my concentration on spiritual matters. This little dithyramb was prompted by a dispute with my lady-friend. Enjoy.

The ebb and flow of relationships. A constant tug-off-war, about the most difficult place to evaluate your actions. Saying no, ending a harmful relationship, holding to virtuous principles, takes strength and confidence. If this hasn't been a part of someone's life, they're probably still searching for a support.

Many end up at faith's door. But what does faith offer them? "Be nice, be moral, be helpful, give of yourself."
Often the reply is, "I thought I was being nice?", "I always give to others, what about me?!"
Disillusioned with the entry level aspect of religion, appearing as optimistic, weak naivety, often riddled with hypocrisy, people fall into nonvirtue, into cults and perverse stratas of social conditioning, taken by power, charisma, by "tangible results."

Suppose we ask, "Is it even helpful to suggest virtue?" in this degenerate age.
Buddha says virtue benefits in this life and the next. But to the impetuous individual in the throws of conceit and an utter lack of mindfulness, this is barely appreciated. The simple answer with a difficult ascent, too steep for the clutching masses.

But faith - that faint glint, sometimes seen issuing from a hoary sage's pacific gaze - faith is beyond the meters of this pecuniary world. Without beginning or end, favour or need, independent of action and thought.
Faith is the higher power, the magistrate, if we choose, of our most distinct moments. When faith is accepted, loss and gain are one taste. Doubt and deprecation, self-born shackles of the mind, all is shed. Choice is no longer and activity loses it's causal nature. Everything becomes the dance of unobstructed liberation.

With the blessings of the Guru, may you each find and embody your Ishtadevata, traverse the paths of treatise, pith instruction and inner attainment, and emerge at the Brahmananda of indeterminate mastery. May you emanate in any suitable way for the benefit of all.