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Thanks for developing this site. I've been looking around at all the sections, and I've been learning quite a bit about Hinduism and Buddhism. Dare I say it? "Very enlightening."

Thanks also to your moderators and section editors.

Thanks also for keeping your forum as wide-open as possible.

Keep up the good work,

Re: Thanks, Brian, thanks for what?

Assumption and presumption, what is the difference between the two words?

In law the word presumption is more used than the word assumption, while in philosophy it is the word assumption that is more used. In religion? I think it is also the word assumption.

So, it seems that presumption has to do with facts while assumption has to do with beliefs: law is concerned with facts while philosophy and religion are concerned with beliefs.

Thanks to Brian, thanks for what?

I presume that the fact is Brian started this forum at his expense and time and labor for his own private personal concern, and he should be thanking us -- instead of us thanking him, thanking us because he is realizing whatever concern he has intended to pursue and is now pursuing successfully: all because we are here and writing posts to each other and to be read by everyone.

Since we are doing Brian such a favor -- if I may say something cynical at this point, and I confess to being a cynic, let me quote the observation and also warning of one informant from the other side of the mirror in my room, Pes Oir Amsus, about being a member in a message board:

First they welcome you in, then they ban you, throw you out without ceremonies; and you do not demand, insist on a hearing before an impartial panel of reasonable people -- because you are a beast of burden. -- Pes Oir Amsus

I think it is about time for all the posts I have contributed here which contribution is important to Brian -- see if people register but never contribute any posts ever, what will that get Brian with his concern in starting this forum at his own expense, time, and labor in order to achieve his concern? It is about time for me to ask Brian a favor in return.

What will that favor be?

I assume Brian is endowed also aside from intelligence and sagacity, with a sense of nobility as in noblesse oblige. What is that? noblesse oblige? Forgive me, but this is intended only for people here who do not know what is noblesse oblige: think of the English word noble as in noble mind and heart, the opposite of which is ignoble mind and heart, then think of the English word oblige, as in to oblige someone to pick up a parcel in the post office.

What do you have now, any idea? Of course now you get the meaning of the French phrase noblesse oblige, namely: a person of noble mind and heart is obliged to do according to his noble mind and heart in order to realize his nobility of mind and heart.

Brian is presumably possessed of nobility of mind and heart, because I assume that he does believe in noblesse oblige, in addition to his functional possession of intelligence and sagacity in hosting this forum for us all to enjoy writing messages to each other and for everyone to read and derive some benefit of information and learning and guidance for life in the world here and specially outside the web, but specifically and foremost for Brian himself to realize, achieve his concern.

And I presume that he is reaping his harvest of sowing time, and labor, and expense in setting up this forum and operating it successfully -- success in a message board consists in having many posters who do write messages that are loaded with ideas and advocacies -- like yours truly, forgive me for my self-commendation.

Now, assuming his noblesse oblige I want to ask Brian a favor, a favor in return for the benefit I have so far conferred on him, to wit for the time, and labor, and thinking and writing I have done in this his forum -- although I had been away for perhaps at most a year and a half (but I am back now and writing again here).

Anyone here reading this post of mine, anyone here know of the favor I am going to ask Brian?