Baha'i confused about Mohammad


Could the Madhi have come? The Madhi will bring peace in the world, unite humankind in submission to G-d, there will be a great battle against sin. Do you see any evidence of that? This must be a process that takes a couple of centuries. . .

I know, I am jumping into this a little late, but my time around the computer is sporadic. You ask if I/we see any evidence of what?...Unity? mankind's submission to God?...A great battle against sin?

Yeah, I see signs daily. Since the Wonderment of The Bab and the Declaration of Baha'u'llah, the world has been in an ever constant change. We are truly heading towards an understanding of the term "The World Order of Mankind." As the world is "cleft asunder", the new world order of the Kingdom of God on earth is emerging.

It will probably take a long time. In fact, 'Abdu'l-Baha said, "Cam cam, ruz be ruz", little by little, day by day. Mankind changes slowly and hearts change slowly as well. Baha'u'llah said, "The world will unite one heart at a time." Not all at once but as each soul recognizes the Will of God, its heart changes. Baha'is pray for the coming of the Most Great Peace and hope for acceptance of the need of world unity by the leaders and followers of all nations.

Hi again.

I'll happily stipulate that it's too bad we don't all understand both Persian and Arabic!

But given that we don't, I'm afraid this fact doesn't substitute for your answering our assertions, the more so given that millions of Baha'is who don't know these language have accepted them as givens.

Thus, I'm afraid a better reply than "read the original" is needed.


Baha'is have worked to reduce prejudices and ignorance of Prophet Muhammad in the west as well as having the Bible better appreciated in the East.
Theres a very nice quote somewhere by Shoghi Effendi that says that one of the tasks of Bahais is to remove predjudice that the West has about Islam