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I'm currently reading that book (The Prophet) by Kahlil Gibran. And may I say, mucho impressed. Anyone familiar with this man?
About 50 years ago I was given a copy of this book on my birthday. I reread it every few years and never fail to find new meanings and perspectives in it. It is truly a timeless book, and something that you should keep going back to again and again. Of course it was written by a mystic, Lebanese if I'm not mistaken, and the book is now over 80 years old. It's a treasure.

Hi! This may be slightly off-topic; hope you don't mind, sara. But since the discussion is about the works of Kahlil Gibran--

Somewhere in my past (perhaps in my mother's collection) I was introduced to an old book entitled "The Illustrated Man". Directly under these words was Kahlil Gibran's name. (By the way, I am aware of the existence of a book by the same title by author Ray Bradbury, but I am pretty sure that it has nothing to do with Gibran--someone correct me if I am wrong.) Anyway, I have looked around a bit and cannot find anything about it. I intend to look through Mom's library when I get back out to E. TX. If it isn't there, then perhaps it belonged to a Lebanese man I once knew....But I know I have seen it.

Anyone know anything about this one? Maybe it is the title of a poem?

Kahlil Gibran is a favorite of mine.. He was raised in Lebannon as a Christian (Syrian Orthodox Church) and came to the US (New York) in the early twentieth century. He was in favor of liberation from Ottoman- Turkish rule... Other Arab speaking poets and artists were also interested in raising the artistic standards.

Gibran composed "Jesus Son of Man" also a beautiful book about the life of Christ. The Prophet (Al Mustaffa is a name of Muhammad) and some of his other books however raised some hackles in the Syrian Orthodox Church and he was excommunicated..but he returned to Lebannon anyway and was well liked.

He also was attracted to Abdul-Baha and drew a sketch of him while He was in New York.

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