Why Jesus became flesh


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Why did Chirst come? What was his main goal? I have read many opinions on this site, some suggesting he was a good teacher, some say just a prophet, others say he reached some sort of divine enlightment or he came to help us find God within ourselves, but I wanted to share the Biblical view of Christ and his purpose here on earth.

Yes he was a good teacher, but he was so much more then that. He was GOd himself, second person of the Trinity who came to the earth to Die a humilitating, painful,exhausting death along with spiritual agony that cannot be put into words for our sins.

Why would he do that? and what for?

Because GOd is good,holiness, and perfection. He by charector cannot let sin go unpunished. He must punish wrong doing. Have you ever looked at some other then your spouse with lust? This is adultery. You have taken another mans wife (or womans husband) and commited adultery with them in your heart. Have you ever looked at somebody with anger? Jesus said that you have commited murder in the heart for GOd looks at your inside as well as out. Have you ever took the Lords name in vain? This is blasphemy. Its taken the GOd who gave us lifes name and dragging it throught the mud. The Bible also says that anybody who does something they know is wrong has committed a sin. We all have sinned and are in need of a savior. This is the primary reason Jesus came. He died for us because he loves us. On judgement day those who repent and put their faith in Christ will enter heaven not by anything they have done, but by the amazing grace, love and mercy of GOd.

Jesus was physically beaten,whipped, had thorns stuck into his head, had the hair in his beard pulled out, mocked by hundreds of soliders, nailed to a cross and was crucified, dying a slow agonizing criminals death. The Passion of the Chirst by Mel Gibson was a watered down version of what really happened. Spirtually he was seperated from the Father "Father Father why have you forsaken me?" The inseperatable was seperated as God the Father poured his wrath for us upon the SOn as he took our sins upon himself. This is real love, God comes to earth "Emanuel" and takes the humble place as a servant to his own rebellious creation to save them! This is truly amazing.

Oh how I wish my words could better describe all this! Reader please I beg you repent (turn away from sin and ask forgiveness for past sin) and put your faith in Jesus. (believe he took the punishment for your sin.) He hates sin as it is a stench to his nostrils, but he burns with Love for you.

On judgement one can stand before almighty GOd and exclaim " I deserve death and punishment for the wrong I have done to you and others, but I am in CHrist who by his grace i am saved. I have not down anything to earn heaven, but Christ did it for me!"
Thanks for this, brother! Keep proclaiming this glorioius Gospel!