campaign for a new workers party

Francis king

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well, last night in a local pub, there was a meeting of the campaign for a new workers party... Roger Bannister, from unison, Tommy Sheridan, scottish socialist, Tony Mulhearn, 80's Labour Militant, Ricky Tomlinson and a young student rep from the university's socialist brigade were there... I thought it was a load of rubbish myself... just the same old rhetoric, calling us all brothers and sisters and comrade, talking about capitalism and wanting to smash it while they all appear to be profiting from it, etc, etc...

so, just wondering if anyone has heard of this, and what their views are... ?

dya think militant will get back into power in places like Liverpool? dya think we should heckle them if they try..? Or should we back them?
well, as a wiser man than me once said- to believe in the ideals of socialism when ur under 30 is naive, but to believe in socialism after 30 is stupid...

but yes, I still believe in the redemptive power of socialism, but unfortunately the socialism I am presented with, although looking good on paper, does nothing for me in practise...