Massive Scripture translation project to meet goals by 2025


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Wycliffe Bible Translators' Bob Creson gives us an update on the progress of Vision 2025. It's a plan: "To see a Bible translation in progress in every language community that needs it by the year 2025."

75 years' worth of history created the capacity to discuss how they could work in language cluster projects, and how they could meet their goals by thinking outside of traditional Bible translation. "There have been 539 language communities that have translation work started since we committed ourselves to Vision 2025, which represents about 160 million people that now have some access to at least portions of God's Word."

The Bible translation movement is relatively recent. According to an article on the Vision 2025 website, 1800 years after Christ was born, only 68 translations had been done...

I commend the Wycliffe translators for reaching out to ignorant peoples with access to the scriptures. Everyone ought to be informed of the Good News.

Question: Will these efforts to translate the bible into every language advance the coming of Christ, who said that the Gospel will go out to the ends of the earth and then the end will come?