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Hi everybody!

Several people have expressed an interest in Theosophical concepts. Here is a quick list of some Theosophical concepts I put together. I am curious how many of these do and do not fit into anyone's belief system.

Not all terms are used in all Theosophical traditions (I think). For example, the term Causal Body is used in the Adyar tradition, but I do not know if it is used in the writings of the followers of Mr. Judge.

Are there other terms we can add to the list? Feel free to make suggestions.


Three Objects
Theosophy is not a religion
Theosophical concept of Brotherhood
History of Theosophy
Theosophical leaders — Blavatsky, etc.
Spiritualism vs. Theosophy

Theosophical Schism

Theosophical definition of "soul"
People reincarnating as animals
Theosophical concept of Evolution

The physical world as a delusion

Planes of Existence
Adi, Anupadaka, Atma, Buddhic, Mental, Astral, and Physical Planes
Nirvana, Pari-nirvana, Maha-pari-nirvana


Eternity vs. Manvantaras and Kalpas

Reincarnation Cycle
Second Death

Bodhisattva Vow
Nirmanakaya, Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya

Immetalization, Inherbation, Inzoonization, and Incarnation

Monad, Atma, Atma-Buddhi, Atma-Buddhi-Manas, Ego, Reincarnating Ego, Causal Body, Mental Body, Astral Body

Personality vs. Individuality

The Ancient Wisdom
Ossification of religions over the years
Periodic re-releases of the Ancient Wisdom (Re-vitalizing of deteriorating religions)
Esoteric vs. Exoteric Teachings

The forgiveness of Sin, Being “Saved”
the Trinity

Chains, Rounds, World Schemes
Manvantaras, Kalpas, Days of Brahman

Buddha, Pratyeka Buddha, Lord of the World, Silent Watcher
Manu, Bodhisattva, Chohan, Maha-Chohan
Guardian-Spirit of a planet, Round, Manvantara, etc.

Arhat, Adept
Sotapanna, Satakagami, Anagami

The Path
Preparation for the Path
Meditation, etc.
Qualifications for Discipleship

Masters, Mahatmas
Master M. and Master K.H.

Absolute vs. God
Parabrahm, Brahma, Brahman
Brahma vs. Brahmâ
Rejection of the idea of a Personal and Extra-Cosmic Deity

Universal Mind
Manvantara vs. Pralaya
Universal Manvantara, Solar Manvantara
Veil Upon Veil
Spirit vs. Matter
Mulaprakriti, Swabhavat
Unmanifested, Manifested, Arupa, Rupa
The Ray
Eggs and the Universal Mind
Dragon of Wisdom
Oeaohoo, Oi-ha-hou
Sound, Silence, Voice, Word
Monads (sons, atoms, sparks, countless rays)
The Three
The Sacred (Holy) Four
Inner Seven (Dhyani-Chohan)
Second (“Outer”) Seven — Lipika
Lunar and Solar Pitris
Great Breath
Flame or Flames
Our Present Fourth Round on Globe D
Seven Divine Elements — Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Ether, Mind, Understanding (only four so far)
Seven Principles of Man — Atma, Buddhi, Manas Passions and Animal Desires (“Kama”), The Life-Principle (“Prana”), Astral Body (“Linga Sarira”), Physical Body (“Sthula-Sarira”)

Seven Root-Races — Chhayas, Hyperboreans, Lemurians, Atlanteans, Aryans, 6th (unnamed), 7th (unnamed)
The Third Race and its three periods — Early Period (Sweat-Born, the same process as the Second Race), Middle Period (Egg-Born), Last Period (Sex-Born, the same process as today)
the Fall of Man, which led to Half-Human Abominations
Intermediate Hermaphroditism
The Third Race and its three categories — advanced, average, and lagging
Lack of a Mind-Principle in the Early Races
The Lords of the Flame (Solar Pitris) come to the rescue and provide Manas
Giants, Titans, Cyclops
The Third Eye
Noah and The Flood
Ulysses, Homer, and the Odyssey
Easter Island
Pyramids and Egypt
..all of which are to be found gracing the pages of much finer religious and historical texts, apart from the seven root races... which don't exist..! voila!
One of the Theosophical teachings which has most interested me, actually, over 17 years, is that regarding the Plan for cyclic evolution upon every planetary globe. Specifically, Humanity's development through Seven punctuated "ROOT Races," each of which is a distinct - and in one sense, self-contained - cycle of development, yet all Seven of which are also overlapping, and varying expressions of the One Human Soul.

I find this study fascinating, and of especial evidence is the FACT - that it can indeed be encountered, explored and better understood by examining the religious and spiritual teachings of ANY - or all - of the world's sacred scriptures.

Thanks, Francis, for making this point in your first clause ... though I would have to disagree completely with your own personal conclusion on the matter. You sat there and typed, I read the post on the screen, and I, too, have typed something. Here, then, is activity on the part of two distinct 5th-Root Race individuals. And unless my ~35 years have all been pure illusion, I'm pretty darn sure I've encountered thousands, TENS of thousands of other members of the 3rd, 4th and 5th Root Races! :D

Humanity today is a blend of Lemurian, Atlantean and Aryan root race bodies. Every Root Race goes through a cycle of Seven Sub-races, while yet each sub-race is further sub-divided into seven branch-races. I believe it is the latter which often show up as entire tribes, or nations. In all of this, the most important concept is the underlying Unity, even the existence of ONE Human Soul which is experiencing these many peregrinations - including 6 billion or so simultaneously (as Individualized, Human Souls).

But another important Theosophical idea (yep, drawing from this idea as presented in many, if not most of the world's religions) ... is that the Individual Soul is undergoing its own Spiritual evolution, which is distinct from, though paralleling, that of the form. Our mind, our emotions and our physical bodies, together serve as the vehicle of manifestation for the Soul or Spiritual Principle(s) in man ... and it becomes exceedingly important that we strive to recognize this fundamental Unity - even ONEness - behind apparent surface duality, dichotomy, even fragmentation and separateness.

Francis, if you prefer to study these teachings within other, individual religions, please do so. If you wish to contribute to this thread, and other threads on the Theosophical collection of Teachings, offering either illumination, or a perspective of your own which at least engages those of us with an interest and dedication to studying such ideas ... then again, please do so. If you have questions, or a desire to pursue Theosophical concepts further (drawing, as we say, from all of the world's spiritualities and philosophies), I think you'd find both Nick and myself quite friendly and open to the discussion.

If, on the other hand, you simply wish to express your skepticism, and moreover to come and bash someone over the head for not believing as you do, or for celebrating this Planet's Ageless Wisdom in a collected form, rather than taking it painstakingly, piece by piece - and insisting on keeping all of the puzzle pieces separate from one another ... please don't. Your skepticism is your own, and although it can be a wonderful, constructive tool, it can also become a closed door to further understanding. In this sense it doesn't matter what subject you are approaching. A certain measure of openmindedness, and hopefully, a genuine interest and desire for exchange ... should be present.

I was just mentioning in a message to Nick the other day that one of my own interests, in especial connection with the Theosophical teaching on Root Races, is the Norse idea of GIANTS. And I linked him to the names of two Norse Deities which I came across in some of my own readings. In direct reference to the Theosophical idea of Root Races, as taught in Norse Mythology (and Francis, this idea too, finds its origin in Hinduism, though also in many other of the world's Scriptures) ... consider:

Jotunn, Jotun (Icelandic) Giant; in the Norse Edda the giants represent the material spheres in which gods embody, thus enlightening those dark worlds while gaining there the "mead" of experience. There are giants of varying types and degrees. The ultimate source of matter (Sanskrit mulaprakriti) is named Mimir in the Edda. Other giants represent periods during which the gods animate a world, race, or other living being. Each named giant is a life period or material embodiment of a god; it exists for as long as the energizing deity is embodied, and dies, slain by the hammer of Thor, at the end of that period. Within the long span of a giant's life a number of giantesses, "daughters" of the giant, represent smaller cycles, races or subraces of the giant, their father. A giant is thus both a manifest entity and the lifetime of such an entity, thus paralleling the aeons of Greek mythology.

Distinct from the living giants are the thurses or frost giants, symbolizing periods of nonlife when the gods are absent in their supernal heavens. (from an Online Theosophical Glossary)
The very existence of the Manu (Vaivasvata) in Hindu teachings ... as well as the equivalent Greek Deucalion, the Hebrew Noah, and the Chaldean Xisuthrus also point to the very FOUNDER of these cycle Root Races upon Planet Earth. Further, if you examine even the exoteric chronology in Hinduism you will find reference to the reign of 14 Manus.

Since Hindusim teaches us that evolution occurs in alternating periods of Manvantara (literally the "period between two {ROOT} Manus") and Pralaya (or "dissolving away, dissoluion, rest"), we can see that these 14 Manus are reigning over a series of SEVEN cycles of activity (Manvantara), and seven interspersed cycles of rest (Pralaya). These are the Seven Root Races, though of course, you might wish to call them something else entirely, if it suits your preference. :)