Are Baha'i building based on something?

just curious if the designs were copied from anywhere?

Yes I think the Buildings of the Houses of Worship as well as the Shrine on Mount Carmel and the Gardens are all based on symbols that are well known to Baha'is..

Our Houses of Worship all have nine entrances and some like the Wilmette have the symbols of the great world religions along it's pillers. Nine is significant for Baha'is as it is the numerical value of the name "Baha" which is the title Baha'u'llah or Gory of God.

If you visit the Shrine of the Bab you will see Islamic symbols like the star and crescent and motifs where the call of prayer is given.. Each door of the Shrine of the Bab was dedicated to important personages in our Faith.

Bahji is a well preserved Turkish villa and is surrounded by beautiful gardens.. It was abandoned for fear of plague and the Baha'is leased it. This is where Baha'u'llah lived during the last years of His life and so is important to us and is the Qiblah for Baha'is.

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All Baha'i temples have nine sides/entrances and a dome. And they all have a form of the Greatest Name inside at the top of the dome (which specific version varies from temple to temple).

Other than this, Baha'i bulidings have no particular design or requirements.

BTW, each temple is an original, unique design. You can see these at:

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