the wonderful worlds of Conspiracy theories


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the wonderful worlds of Conspiracy theories

on the radio the other day was a feature about conspiracy theories namely 9/11 alternate theories. A structural engineer made a lot of sense as he was describing how the twin towers fell as if by a controlled explosion, further that the explosions came from inside the building in the likeness of explosive charges. Apparently no air crash investigation was carried out at the pentagon as is legally required and the planes weren't listed or something like that.
But i don't want to dwell on this as i don't think that this conspiracy sounded right, i can imagine something more orchestrated along the lines that it was 'allowed to happen' that at least sounds plausible, even though i dont think bush needs to do that. Another guy also made some sense with another theory, right up until he said that rather than being an FBI & industrial giants cover up beyond the government, it was all about a race of super humans whom lived beneath the planet surface :p .

I think we can do better than that eh! :D
Here's some crazy theories... [not to be taken too seriously!]

theory 1, the artificial universe.
the universe is stitched together according to our perception of it! In ancient Greece there really was gods, mythological creatures and monsters, the earth was flat and stood on a giant tortoise on an elephants back, also the stars were pinholes into the heavens upon a disk, that is how reality was for the ancients! In modern times when the first person looked into a microscope the universe took on a new shape to fit the new view of it, when we looked to the stars they gained distance as if it is all being knitted together as our understanding changes. When we went to the moon, we got as far as the upper stratosphere then the rocket popped up onto the orb that we really exist in, then so as to not frighten the public the us made a film about the lunar landing – unfortunately they forgot to add stars to the pictures and the flag blew in the wind!

Theory 2, the perceptive universe
every single thing we think of are not our own thoughts! Ever wondered where your thoughts come from? They are not really snot and electricity are they, no, we are simply 'autotrons' or receptacles to the thought world, we are the bodies and brains [organic computers] built to perform the actions required of an alien storyteller! This is why we all think there is some reason for our existence and a meaning to life, we do have some of our own thought but these are strictly regulated by the inputs arriving through the aethers. Of course this chap is not an alien in the normal sense as there are no other planets because there is not an actual universe out there, we just think there is!

Theory 3, there once was a real world.
Once upon a time there was a real universe where such beings as the storyteller [above] lived. After a given point in evolution, the being in which inhabited that universe learned how to make technologies which were so advanced that reality became obsolete! Imagine if we could do what we do graphically on the big screen, but in 3D with real objects – there would be literally no limits to how we could shape reality. Once these beings had this capability they simply became literally immortal and reshaped their existence according to their wishes, this place still exists... it is what we refer to as heaven! We may get glimpses of it and think it is for us, but the 'aliens' have no intention whatsoever of sharing it with mealy animals like us, and besides we are simply their toys!

Theory 4, a world beyond worlds.
What the above manipulative beings don't realise is that they too are all part of an elaborate scheme! Somewhere within a cave in the Chinese mountains, lives an old hermit whom has such a powerful mind that via his meditations he has learned of all these goings on. He has astrally travelled back to the dawn of time – well the dawn of the aliens manufactured time – and possessed the mind of the 'originator' whom he makes do his will.

Got any theories of your own?
Hi Z :)

Here's mine: All the rest of you are really I, Brian, and I'm the only other one here. :D (Just kidding)

This should probably be on the movie thread, but I liked the Conspiracy Theory movie with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. His apartment was really radical...lots of tin/aluminum foil, fake doors and ceilings, etc. And he drove a Taxi !

Now those are some REAL conspirators those taxi driver guys ! It probably gets so boring doing that day after day that they just have to cook up fantazmagoric fantasies just to liven things up once in a while, or they would go bonkers. Except for the taxi guys in London of course. They're really professionals. They have to study two years to pass the test to get their permit.

I'm somewhat in agreement with you InLove. But my version is that the universe was created and is run by I.Brian and we are mere holographic illusions controlled through quantum complimentarity which is managed from a galaxy far...far away.

All praise to I.Brian. Hallelujah! (just kidding.)

And to think, Handel wrote the Messiah Oratorio in only 23 days after an angel directed him to do it. Now there's some quantum complimentarity efficiency for you.

All we like sheep indeed !

Hello inlove and flowperson, nice to see you again. :)

Inlove; are you really here or are you I, brian in his incarnation as inlove! - he is so good at it that he only realises he is I, brian when he turns back into I brian. You may ask; well he doesn't get much time to be him then, ah but you only have the perception and the memory of being here all the time. :p

as above except when he is you! :D