Trying to be humble

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Once there was God, and only void surrounding. Then God conceived of stars and worlds, and life upon them. Truly God is wiser than I.
I marvel at all forms around me, whether rock or plant or mammal or Man, and I see God alive in every shape and colour, scene and movement. The Creator has been hard at work, and whatever the agreed process followed, God has wrought our world with miracles: miracles so obvious and made plain by our accustomation to them that life itself seems plain, and so we call for yet more miracles to prove God's very being.
We take so much for granted all we have, and we have been given much, and yet made ourselves blind by taking for granted the very miracles of life and birth that shaped us.
We are truly each a miracle, whatever our flaws and virtues. How many of us remember that?
I walk my path and marvel all around me; I attempt to see where I had not.
I try to show others close by of all the things I see. Some do listen, at least a moment, but others carry cares too much to stop and wonder at themselves. I have my limitations, I cannot force my sight on all, but I may share when and where I can. When I see wrong another may correct me, and then I may yet see God better.
I walk a path to God, alone it seems, sometime in company. Ever it is myself that must control my feet as God guides footsteps with direction. The path in mine and mine alone, though many travel in same directions.
Others walk a different path, to other seeming places, but our paths are all in sight of God, and God alone knows Truth.
Perhaps it is I who is wrong, perhaps it is some other – but all I can claim to do is act as best I may with conscience, and let God alone do judgement.
Until then, I am a child among many, and will make no fight with any. We have our place, and I know mine. I will not claim to know that of any other.
Be peaceful all, as best you may.
Humility is the hardest part of being a Christian. You are awed by the sight of God, the teachings of God, the works of God, the miracles of God, yet cannot shout about them without being somewhat prideful.