The great global warming swindle


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Solihull, UK
The great global warming swindle
Channel 4 documentary (you can find it in Youtube)

This documentary challenges mainstream views regarding global warming. It provides some alternative explanations for global warming and the politics behind this movement.

This documentary is already being accused of propaganda and opponents are questioning the reputation of some of the experts.
I've learned quite a few things already, and even if its proven to be incorrect I find it refreshing. My gut feeling distrusts anything that seems too polarised and monolithic, like fundamentalism.

What do you think, are shocked, do you agree or disagree?:)

What I find interesting is that not being an expert in the field, it is very difficult to know who to believe. It seems to me that most of the public trusts more or less blindly what the scientists and institutions say.
And that most people are like sheep that follow the crowd, regardless of how right or wrong they are.
What is clear, is that the whole climate change issue is much more complex than what we are led to believe.