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I have a few questions.

1: Is it true that in Japanese Buddhism, the sect of Buddhism that is practicedf the most is the Nishi Hongwanji sect of the Hongwanji sect which is a sect of the True Pure Land tradition within the Pure Land sect which itself is a sect of Mahayana Buddhism?

2: Is it also true that in Japanese Buddhism, Jodo Shin-shu has a sect called Hongwanji, which itself is broken up into Nishi-Hongwanji-ha and Higashi Hongwanji-ha, right?

3: Is it also true that Nishi Hongwanji-ha itself has no sects whatsoever, and it cannot be simplifed any more?

4: Is Jinja Shinto a sect of Shinto, or is it a associaiton or something?

5: What is the largest sect within Shinto? Is it Jinja Shinto?

6: Does Jinja Shinto itself has sub-sects?

HanadaTattsu said:
4: Is Jinja Shinto a sect of Shinto, or is it a associaiton or something?
Hi HanadaTattsu,

I don't know much but here's what I can try to answer... as far as I know, Jinja Shinto is all the concrete side of the faith (rituals, prayers, everyday-life actions, etc.) as opposed to Kokutai Shinto which is the ethical and moral side that was instructed in schools during Meiji era.

So, I tend to believe all the different sects can be included within Jinja Shinto.. or more precisely Jinja Shinto can be included in every sect.

But then again, I'm not Japanese... and my knowledge is quite limited :)

As for the other questions, I have no idea.. anyone else?

Thanks Kal, that seems correct, but after contacting some people it seems that it is indeed the mainstream sect practiced by the Japanese population.
Thanks Brian, I checked that, but I think you might be wrong about Folk Shinto being a type of Shrine Shinto. To my knowledge they're different.