The Democratic Testament of God




" This is the “Common Contract with God.” To be concrete, it is only the existence of God that unifies and sublates “freedom” and “equality”. General people believe in equality tacitly. Look at carefully both the inner and the outside worlds.
There is no equally positioning thing except the existence of God that is originally the one and only. Matter and spirit are phases that are discriminatingly expressed by God. Two same and equal bodies never exist whether as to face or as to fingerprint.

Furthermore, no two characters are exactly the same. Spinoza stated that “All creation is discriminated by God.” Even though death, two characters can never be equal. Some people die in their teens, while others die in the sixties.
The places where they die are different, and so are the persons who care for them on their deathbed. Even equality under the law can not be expressed as equality as long as the established standards in the outside world.
Because the laws in the outside world change with times and differ between countries, too. If you still believe in equality, it should be equally and universally applied to all of 5.8 billions human. Moreover, its range should be unlimited.
Naturally, it should also be applied for all human beings who will be born in the future. What is it thing that is completely equal and perfect within all now living and future human beings? It is the one and only : “existence of God” that exists in our lives and is the essence of life.
Since the existence of lives has derived from the one and only God, are human beings, they are called the children of God. God is the reason for existence and significance of life for children of God, that is, humankind.
Therefore, the existence of God signifies life for all humankind in three existences, past, present and future. Humankind is equal only under God in this universe. Therefore, if there are people who believe in equality on one hand and do not believe in God on the other hand, they must be contradicting themselves.
If you do not recognize God and believe in equality, I would like to ask you “Where is the equality?” The answer is, there is no equality. Matter and spirit, heaven, and hell and real world, all have aspects of discrimination that are created by God.
That is, if humankind continues to recognize “equality” in the future, believing in God must become a duty. When “freedom” is exercised according to the mind of God which treats all humankind equally, “The truth sets you free”, which means, all humankind can be free.