New Jersey School Criticized for 'Christian' Terror Drill


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The Burlington Township High School in New Jersey along with the local police and fire departments are taking heat for a fake hostage drill conducted on school grounds last month.
The drill, aimed at testing the reactions of faculty and first responders during a simulated attack, included an imaginary scenario that has some Christians up in arms.
During the simulation, two mock gunmen from a fake right-wing fundamentalist group called the "New Crusaders" — a group that does not believe in the separation of church and state — stormed the school. The idea was that they were angry that one of their daughters was expelled for praying before class.

From the article:

"This is an unreal scenario, like I said. No child can be expelled for praying in a school since it's legal; therefore, the parents wouldn't have gotten mad, they wouldn't have used guns. If a school district had expelled a girl for praying in class, the parents would have shown up with attorneys, not with pistols."

Imaginary issue.