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Time to implement some changes...

1/ The first is that I'm just a little overwhelmed with too little time at the moment. Normally I'd read every single post here (and even try to respond to a few!). At the moment I'm still able to read most, but I'm having trouble squeezing as much time into being an active member here as I should be - and when I do have free time I am truly exhausted.

I've therefore called upon a couple of the Moderators here to help out a little more - and brucegdc and Vajradhara have now been promoted to Super Moderator status. That means that they're not chained to any particular board or area, and can edit/move/delete offensive posting as required.

I would like to personally thank them for their assistance. :)

I would also like to think of these new stations as being a relatively permanent post - they receive them because of their contribution and attendance to this forum. Even when my time frees up I should hope that they will continue to wear their honours.

2/ It is with mixed feelings that I've finally succumbed - after 3 years of ad-free website admin - to employing limited advertising on my sites.

This is entirely because my budget is entirely limited (I'm actually under the poverty line here in Britain). I can afford to pay and run these sites - but their success means increasing costs in terms of bandwidth and diskspace.

The Google Adsense is entirely to pay for these expansion costs and general running of the site. I accept them because they are text links, rather than graphical banners. HOWEVER, it remains an experiment - I don;t like having no control over the advertising, and if you have any compliants then please do contact me - either by e-mail, or by posting on this thread. I can see about blocking certain advertisers.

Anyway...sorry I've not been around so much the past couple of weeks. Hopefully some joyful sense of normality will return pretty soon. :)

(Oh - and PS - a new link will go at the bottom of all the pages - to my new internet marketing company. It's a little online venture to try and exploit some skills I've picked up on the way. :) )

Best regards all - peace, love and harmony -