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Interfaith forum Code of Conduct

Our group seeks to fulfil a mission of interfaith dialogue and exploration of others' beliefs while being a place to discuss the intricacies of our own belief in a safe format.


1. We aim to uphold a good standard of conduct in the forums.

Please respect other members and avoid making posts that may be seen as personally offensive. We don’t allow flame wars here.

Please note that this applies both to public postings and Private Messages.

2. We do not allow IO to be used either as a soapbox to aggressively promote any faith or political view, or see any faith or political view to be aggressively attacked.

3. We don’t allow content of an adult or graphic nature to be posted on the forums.

4. Please moderate your language and avoid swearing and expletives.

5. It is not acceptable for any member to use the forum to make sexual advances against other members.

6. Copyright infringement is strictly prohibited. Do not post what is copyrighted, without expressed permission (proven), or unless, credit is given to the original author of the copyright material.

7. Multiple usernames are not acceptable - every member should keep to a single username. Members who use multiple aliases may find all of their accounts banned.

8. Advancing ideas that encourage spammers and trolls to attack the site is not allowed. Such ideas include, but are not limited to, encouraging violent, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, hateful, or anti-religious sentiments. Discussions pertaining to religious belief and non-belief are allowed in accordance with the other items in the Code of Conduct.


7. As a general rule, self promotion by new members is frowned upon and will likely be treated as spam. This includes promotion of own non-commercial websites.

Established members are welcome to share their websites/books with other members and facilities may be provided for this.

8. A series of scripts is in place to prevent forum spamming. This also means that new members cannot post links until they have reached a minimum number of posts.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is very effective at stopping abuse of the forum by people looking to join simply to advertise affiliate sites.

9. Affiliate links are not welcome – please refrain from posting them.


10. There is no formal disciplinary procedure.

Where threads may become argumentative, a member of staff may advise that posters re-consider their behaviour.

In the event that staff need to more directly moderate a member behaviour, a Private Message may be sent advising that such behaviour is not acceptable.

Members who ignore such warnings and continue disruptive behaviour may find their access to the site suspended, either temporarily or permanently.

Please note that we may at our discretion and without either warning or explanation ban any person from accessing to the forums.

This treatment is usually reserved for disruptive persons, spammers, and those seeking to harm other members or even the chronicles site directly.
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