The Rose and the Lily

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    Hi All,

    " Without the Rose and the Lily,
    My garden of simples is dark and chilly."

    The Lily is the image of Peace, Innocence and the "unspoiled Wisdom of childhood."
    The Rose, the image of the lower nature overcome, love and the highest ideals. It is an encouragement to the heart, to the mind and the will in the strain of everyday existence.
    Source: Maria Gueter Herbs in Nutrition.

    The Rose is truly the flower of Christ (literally). The Rose-Cross is a symbol of this.

    The Lilycrucians, or Lilycirclians (more correctly), would have taken a different path- if there ever was such a society. Their efforts would have been purely heavenward.

    The Lily is the Queen of the monocotyledons-Oneness. The Rose the Queen of the dicotyledons- Duality.

    Love and Wisdom,
    The Lily and the Rose combine,
    The Wisdom and the Love Divine.

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