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Hey there,

There is a helpful explanation as to the existence of evil in Tomberg's "Meditations on the Tarot". It is based on a Cabbalistic doctrine that God had created a space by withdrawing Himself in order that Creation could take place.

Valentin Tomberg explains:
"the idea of tsimtsum - the 'withdrawal of God' - of the Lurianic school of Cabala.....the existence of the universe is rendered possible by the act of contraction of God within Himself. God made a 'place' for the world in abandoning a region interior to Himself."

"In other words, in order to create the world ex nihilo, God had first to bring the void itself into existence. He had to withdraw within in order to create a mystical space, a space without his presence - the void. And it is in thinking this thought that we assist the birth of freedom."

If the Will of God permeated the world there would be no evil- or freedom for that matter. So we pray "Thy Will be done."

As the Brothers say: in the creation of the Earth, Father God "overextended Himself". And this is a quite exciting opportunity. Not all on Earth is obedient to God.

"What part of the echo does not return?
Not all of the projection
so thrown comes back ...
not all is obedient
to its first issue -

For the echo can surely never encompass
the full sum in total;
it shall never resound
a complete and uttered capacity of
that voice, which was lent to it
from the first.

And, from that which idled behind
and stayed
became the earth element
thus now remarkable
unto itself."

Br. Bruce