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The concepts of Motherhood and Brotherhood cannot reasonably argued with.They pre-date Theosophy by thousands of years. But just preaching about brotherhood without the spiritual teachings in place is like telling your fireplace to get warm, without putting in the wood and lighting it.If 19th century materialistic thinking was allowed to continue on the way it was going, unchecked by the spiritual revelations brought forward by H.P.B., there would have been dire consequences for Humanity as a whole. These thoughts worked homeopathically as a salve, which helped herald in a new era.
"Colonel Olcott thought of the Society as an organisation for developing brotherhood and religious tolerance. H.P.B. thought of it not in that light alone, but also as a recruiting camp for Chelas who, after occult training,would carry on the work from generation to generation..... " This divergence in objective became most marked after the Couloumb attack in 1884. Colonel Olcott almost went out of his way to ignore the occult basis of the society; so far did he go that, about 1888, the Master K.H.told H.P.B. that "the Society has liberated itself from our grasp and influence and we have let it go- we make no unwilling slaves. He says he has saved it? He has saved its body, but he allowed through fear its soul to escape; it is now a soulless corpse, a machine run so far well enough,but will fall to pieces when he is gone. Out of the three objects the second alone is attended to, but it is no longer either a brotherhood, nor a body over the face of which broods the spirit from beyond the Great Range. His kindness and love of peace are great and truly Gautamic in their spirit; but he has misapplied that kindness."
H.P.B.'s memorandum of this talk with the Master is at Adyar.Foreword in Letters from the Masters of Wisdom, second series, C. Jinarajadasa T.P.H. Adyar 1925It was with these concerns that H.P.B. later formed the Esoteric Section.

Br. Bruce
It might be noted, along these lines, that there are any number of communications - originating with the (Trans-Himalayan) Masters, transmitted through HPB, and delivered to their intended recipients - which have never made it into outer publication, as these were instructions for individual disciples.

Other teachings, as some of those given out to the Esoteric Section of the TS, were private - or more guarded - at the time, but have been allowed into widespread circulation, because this serves a purpose. Students today can potentially learn a great deal by investigating HPB's work in planting seeds ... which later came to full fruition via Alice Bailey's Arcane School.

The Esoteric Section of the TS was a precursor to AAB's true Esoteric School, but HPB was not able to fully realize the plans (of the Masters) at the time. This failing, we should note, was not due to her own shortcomings, but to the unwillingness of potential students (lay chelas) to make the needed sacrifices.

Exactly the same kind of reluctance, or hesitation on the part of esoteric students impeded the work of the Tibetan Master, when 10 Seed Groups were founded with Alice Bailey's assistance. AAB was the outer point of contact, the amanuensis, for Master DK. As with HPB, instructions were provided - both to the Masters Seed Groups, and to individual students - and these were published as `Discipleship in the New Age, Vols I & II.'

Thanks to information that has been provided after all of these disciples have made their transitions, we now know who the various students were, working in these Seed Groups - although their anonymity was preserved in the actual publication of the above volumes. Students were referred to using a three-letter acronym, standing for the three primary Soul qualities which that particular chela was intended to develop in that incarnation.

While the experiment with Seed Groups was not as fully successful as Master DK had hoped, it remains a fact that AAB's Arcane School was established as a true, esoteric school ... or at least, the modern precursor to what will later, in the Aquarian Era, be such Schools. All of this comes under the dual-heading of `the Externalization of the Hierarchy,' and also `the Restoration of the Mysteries,' as complementing the Reappearance of the Christ.

HPB knew the plan, she had some awareness of the future, for certainly her Masters required her to share in certain details, while Humanity's own karma (and hers) may have prevented her from discerning other factors. HPB knew that she had a successor. She even knew reasonably when this person would come. Alice Bailey, too, gave clear indications as to her own future counterpart.

Maybe we can explore the idea that the earlier Seed Groups have put forth roots, and sprouted into the sunlight here and there. I think there are signs that this is the case. I like to think it is ... because it means we're getting back on track, after all! :)