Spirituality: source?

Discussion in 'Belief and Spirituality' started by Chronicles, Jan 27, 2004.

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    When asked what "sprituality" means, likely answers will seek to define attributes of it.

    What I would like to ask is: "What is the source of spiritual feeling?"

    My key point here is that it could be argued from a neurological point of view that "spirituality" is nothing more than a bio-chemical reaction to personal defeat, allowing a sense of "acceptance" to take over from more destructive feelings of tension and stress (for example, such as a forgiving a criminal who has done harm on a person).

    In other words, "spiritual" feeling comes not from a sense of "joy" and "oneness", but instead feeling os "helplessness" and "hopelessness".

    In a way, it would almost be like accepting a living state of death, where material reality has no longer any real meaning, because none could be attained?

    In short - "spirituality" is for losers?

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    Spirituality from opposition to flesh

    Fool writes:

    That's very good, Fool. And Buddhists tell us to rise above our passions, specially the broad generic of desire.

    No, spirituality is not for losers only but also for survivors.

    Consider this scenario that happens on the road all the time: Someone brazenly cuts into your lane, you rise above your anger, your urge to rush over and overtake him, by not giving it any attention; but you feel agitated and very uncomfortable. Don't tell me you don't -- that's lying.

    Consider that if you are not opting to be a 'loser' here, one day you will get killed in an accident or the mad man you cut off in turn might shoot you down to get even or to satisfy his rage.

    The source of spirituality is the need to rise above and in opposition to the flesh. Who teach us spirituality? All of mankind who have realized long ago from the dawn of civilization to dissimulate our urges to act on the aggressive instincts or the libidinous and the avaricious instincts.

    To be cynical, spirituality is for losers. But to be constructive, look for some compensation that will be profitable to yourself in other directions and overall advantageous to you, when you have to say nol to your urges. For example, if you can't hit back because of more trouble in so doing, then found a society of anti-violence and universal peace among men. This endeavor will contribute to further civilization and yes 'spiritualization' of mankind.

    Susma Rio Sep
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    Kindest Regards, I, Brian!

    I understand "spirituality" to be a belief system that acknowledges the component of spirit and its interaction in a material world (plane/existence).

    An intriguing question. One I have been seeking the answer to for some time. If cave dwelling Neandertal and Cro-magnon had realization of spirit, where did they get it from? Was it a chance occurance of their biology? Or did it come about from some manifestation they witnessed?

    I suspect in the modern sense that a great deal has to do with the motivations of an individual. What you say holds some merit, as in "foxhole conversions." I am not sure it is accurate in the overall sense. Surely there are those who come to and acknowledge spirit for less drastic reasons, even specific intent. Perhaps because of their cultural/social traditions or upbringing, or personal experiences. I don't know that I would equate it with accepting a living state of death, although it is reasonable to consider this life as transient and momentary. As for being for losers, no. I would think more for seekers. Allowing again for motivation, if a person seeks spirituality for improper reasons, they will get improper results.

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