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Hi Friends,
Dr. Steiner did discuss the individuals who influenced Mdme Blavatsky:
"First a European was her guide, thereupon an Egyptian, and after that she wrote Isis Unveiled."

There is more information on the Theosophical History website.
In the book H.P.B. Speaks vol 1 p140 we hear that the Mahatma Serapis (The Egyptian) commissions H.P.B. to go to India, 14 November, 1878.Who were HPB's additional guides?
"In theosophical literature John King is an undigested lump. We must admit this. Thus, in a letter to General Lippitt (H.P.B. Speaks, vol 1,p.84-5Adyar 1950) H.P.B. says: "I know John for 14 years. Not a day but he is with me." This letter bears the date June 12th 1875; according to H.P.B. herself she met John in 1861, i.e. seven years before she met Mahatma K.H.! On the other hand she says in 1884 that she had never heard of the name John King before 1873, further that a portrait which she had painted in an extraordinary way ( see H.P.B. speaks vol 1 opp. pge.78) and which she had represented as a picture of John King, was actually the Mahatma Hilarion whom she had known since 1860 ( see Collected writings, vol 6, p. 271 and the compiler's remark on p.280).

"In the same place she says that John King should be regarded as a generic name for more than one spirit and that she had known more than one JohnKing. A riddle which has not as yet been solved."

From an article by H.J.Spierenburg in Theosophical History P.169.
-Br. Bruce
John King was a thought-form, a tulpa, or what Thomas here at CR calls an egregoire, after Eliphas Levi I believe.

John King was one of the methods that HPB's Trans-Himalayan Mahatmas used to communicate with her (or heck, I dunno, maybe Masters Serapis, Hilarion, et al) also used it.

Master Hilarion is a Greek, or Cretan Master, though I think He is described in a meeting with H.S. Olcott as "a swarthy Cypriote."

Master Serapis, of course, along with Tuitit Bey, is an Egyptian.

HPB also met and knew Master Rakoczi, Whom she learned from and worked with in her immediately previous incarnation as Alessandro Cagliostro.

But then, HPB also knew Master Jupiter, or Lord Agastya (of Indian legend), Narayan, the Rishi of the Nilgiri Hills ... Whom she called "the Old Gentleman." This is the senior-most Master in the Hierarchy, age-wise (presumably meaning, in terms of how long any one Master of the 63 has been a member).

It is not quite clear whether HPB may have met the Maha Chohan of the time, or the Christ (Bodhisattva) ... but in a letter to her family, written to inform them that she was safe and sound in Tibet, the `Lord Sangyas' - or Buddha - is mentioned. I rather take this to mean that the Buddha's protective Hand was overshadowing her ... given the nature of the work she was fulfilling.

It is, of course, conceivable that HPB knew several more of the Masters, as her travels in India, South America, Europe, and elsewhere would have made this quite possible.

Now compare, that while HPB actually met the half dozen and more above Masters in person ... Alice Bailey NEVER personally met the Tibetan Master DK, for Whom she wrote nineteen volumes of teachings. HPB, it turns out, met the young Arhat DK on her first visit to Tibetan, then met him again later in Tibet just before he became a Master.
Words of wisdom from Br. Andrew:
>John King was a thought-form, a tulpa, or what Thomas here at CR calls an egregoire, after Eliphas Levi I believe.

>John King was one of the methods that HPB's Trans-Himalayan Mahatmas used to communicate with her (or heck, I dunno, maybe Masters Serapis, >Hilarion, et al) also used it.

That is an interesting theory. I did a lot of reading on the subject years back. I think HPB says she never loved anyone more than John King. There maybe something in People from the Other World about John being Henry Morgan the sea pirate. Remember there was also a Katie King. John King was the most powerful spirit if I remember rightly..

One thing though- HPB never says that John King is an elemental.

Best Regards,
Br. Bruce

I'd recommend taking a look at the following references from Isis Unveiled in order to learn more about John & Katie King:
Vol I: 73, 75, 492 on John King .... and pp. 48-49 (incorrectly cited as 46-47), 54 and 67 on Katie King
Although there may not be a clear statement that either `King' is a regular elemental, certain of the above references make it fairly clear that we are dealing with Spiritualistic phenomena ... and I'll try to find the statement that John King was a method the Masters used for communication with HPB, in my spare time.

In the meantime, a few excerpts from the above references may help:
No doubt, there are professed "conjurers" who can perform cleverer tricks than all the American and English "John Kings" together. (Isis Unveiled, Vol I: 73)
The writer [of a long article in the London Spiritualist for July 14th, 1877 (?)] compares Ezekiel "lifted up" and taken into the "east gate of the Lord's house" (Ezekiel iii, 12-14) with the levitations of certain mediums, and the three Hebrew youths in the "burning fiery furnace," with other fireproof mediums; the John King "spirit-light" is assimilated with the "burning lamp" of Abraham ... etc.
For your further edification, Bruce - and I have found at least one reference to the connection with HPB's Adepts, as I recalled - you might want to check out an article online here, by Marina Cesar Sisson,entitled `Helena Blavatsky

and the Enigma of John King
.' From this, I will quote the beginning:
1. John King: An Undigested Lump in the Theosophical Literature
Very little is known or understood about the personage John King in theosophical history. Most studies and biographies on the Theosophical Society (TS) and Helena Petrovna Blavatsky barely mention his name, as if he were a completely marginal character. The explanation for this fact is that John King is rather a controversial figure, resembling sometimes a playful elemental manipulated by HPB, others the spirit of a disincarnate pirate, or yet in other occasions he seems to be a member of the Hierarchy.​
Deciphering John King, showing his true identity and the important role he played is not an easy task. According to Spierenburg, "In the theosophical literature John King is an undigested lump. We must admit this." (Spierenburg, 168). In this articlewe shall examine John King, the personage, and show some aspects of his participation in the lives of Olcott and the dear Old Lady.​

2. John King: He Is My Only Friend
The lack of information about John King can be exemplified by the scarce mention made of him in Sylvia Cranston’s vast bibliographic work. In 648 pages, there is only one paragraph about John King:​
"Who is the John King just mentioned? As HPB was ordered not to reveal at first that the phenomena occurring in her presence were performed by herself, she had to attribute them to someone, and John King, a familiar name in spiritualistic circles, was chosen. This satisfied Olcott, who was still a staunch spiritualist. He comments: "(...) Was not I at first made to believe that I was dealing with disincarnate spirits; and was not a stalking-horse put forward to rap and write, and materialize forms for me under the pseudonym of John King?" The name was also used by HPB at this time as a blind for her teachers and their agents. "Little by little", Olcott adds, "HPB let me know of the existence of Eastern adepts and their powers, and gave me by a multitude of phenomena the proofs of her own control over the forces of nature [hitherto] ascribed to John King." (Cranston, 132)​
Cranston leads us to understand, therefore, that Madame Blavatsky herself performed almost all the phenomena she attributed to John King. And that, on occasion, John King would also serve as a disguise for HPB’s instructors, although Cranston does not explain how.​
Hope this helps ... but I recommend reading the whole article.


One note further, by Tuitit Bey of the Br. of Luxor, will succinctly answer and address fully 99% of the caveats and demands for proof regarding HPB's Masters ... as often put forward here at CR (or elsewhere), and especially by a handful of the most outspoken of members (against even the possibility of the existence of said Masters - despite, of course, their total ignorance to the contrary):
"A mind that seeks the proofs of Wisdom and Knowledge in outward appearance as material proofs is unworthy of being let in unto the grand secrets of the "Book of Holy Sophia". One who denies the Spirit and questions him on the ground of its material clothing a priori will never be able to. Try." (HPB Speaks I, 2)​
But of course, nothing different has ever been said - and 130 years later, the requirements for such entry are greater, if anything ... but certainly no less.

It might be added, that the small part we may all play, nevertheless ... is as invaluable as it ever was (!), and since the Theosophist, or Esotericist's work has never been about "saving souls," but has only been geared toward shining the Light, and treading the Way, there is certainly much more that we can do nowadays to this end - than ever before.

Spiritualism, and the Spiritualists, have already long since played an all-important role in helping to bring to Humanity's awareness the direct testimony both of those who have experienced something of the hereafter and returned to tell about it, and also of those who - while occupying that hereafter in "real time" - have given eyewitness accounts, via mediums (or the psychically sensitive), for the greater benefit of all of Humanity.

While some may continue to say, "We DO NOT KNOW what occurs following our bodily death," the Esotericist proclaims, "We do know," and can elaborate much of the proceedings in quite the same way we can account for the ordinary, daily procedures of one's visit to a hospital. The only difference, between the two accounts, is that the latter will often be confused by the bureacracy and the daily hustle & bustle of the busy doctors and nursing staff, while the former is where such chaos and near-madness are finally brought to an end ... and sense & sanity allowed, once again, to resume their proper place in the life of the dearly departed.

Does Spiritualism continue, even unto the present day, to receive its Inspiration, as was originally the case, from the 5th Ray Chohan (Senior Master), Hilarion, among others? Most certainly it does. The disciples of this Master (Hilarion) can be witnessed working in the world today, some well-known and working upon the world stage, in the spotlight, as it were ... while others prefer to work behind the scenes, yet every bit as devotedly, pledged to the cause of helping ever so slightly to lift the veil - and show us something of the Mystery that Christ understood, when He said:
"O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?" (I Corinthians 15:55)
Br.Andrew speaks out:
(Spierenburg, 168). In this articlewe shall examine John King, the personage, and show some aspects of his participation in the lives of Olcott and the dear Old Lady.

I do have the Spierenburg article. I ti on the TS History website.

Here is a little tit bit from there:

It is not clear at what stage H.P.B. titled her work on the theme of the unveiling of Isis. In A Modern Priestess of Isis, V.S. Solovyoff cited a letter i which H.P.B. stated: 'I am now writing a big book, which I call by John's (i.e. the soi-disant spirit guide John King's) advice, Skeleton Key to Mysterious Gates.' Subsequently 'John King' was deposed as a spirit guide by Eastern Masters, and in a later letter, to her sister, Vera, H.P.B. wrote: 'You may disbelieve me, but I tell you that in saying this I speak but the, truth; I am solely occupied, not with writing Isis but with Isis herself. I live in a kind of permanent enchantment, a life of visions and sights, with open [51] eyes, and no chance whatever to deceive my senses! I sit and watch the fair goddess constantly. And as she displays before me the secret meaning of her long lost secrets, and the veil becoming with every hour thinner and more transparent, gradually falls off before my Byes, I hold my breath and can hardly trust to my senses!' (Quoted by Olcott O.D.L. Vol 1 p. 214)

According to Col. Olcott, he suggested the title The Veil of Isis, which was altered to Isis Unveiled when the work was largely in stereotype form, since Charles Sotheran pointed out that W. Winwood Reade had already used the title The Veil of Isis for his book on the mysteries of the Druids (1861). *

Best Wishes,
Br. Bruce
Perhaps of relevance would be a couple of excerpts from the Occult Diary (Light of the Sanctuary) of Geoffrey Hodson, the well-known 20th Century Theosophist, and conscious sibyl for various Masters and Devas (Archangels):
From 7 October 1941
Behind all womanhood exists the Eternal Woman, the one divine manifestation as femininity. At its origin, it is cosmic, being the half of all creation. The other half is the Eternal Man, and mysteriosly these are not two but one, for both emerge from a common source; they are expressions of a unity which combines and includes both. It is this basic fact of a unity within the One Source that is the root of attraction, whether chemical, magnetic, or of gender in organic life. For these temporarily separated twain-in-one are forever drawn back towards their primordial unity, and this attraction is continuous and compulsive.​
Thus, behind every individual woman there is the Eternal Woman. Within and through the feminine personality is made manifest the spirit of femininity, the archetypal woman. This is the highest in every woman. Perpetually this is seeking ever fuller, ever more radiant, ever more tender, more fragrant expression through the wondrous flower which is an individual woman.​
What are the essential qualities of this archetypal woman? They are sacrifice, tenderness, graciousness, divine radiance, heavenly fragrance, beauty and grace. They are wisdom, fathomless as a still dark pool of infinite depth, profound compassion and intimate concern for all living things, ministration, healing love. They are joyous radiant girlhood, graceful womanhood, creative, preserving, and transforming motherhood.​
In the holder of the divine Office of World Mother, a conscious union occurs between the archetypal woman fully manifest in the woman Adept and the cosmic principle of womanhood. This constitutes a descent, fiery, pentecostal, of the Eternal Woman into its own purified and exalted superhuman manifestation in time and space.​
The potentiality of this hypostatic union exists in every woman and is frequently foreshadowed throughout successive human lives as interior illuminations, wondrous yet indescribable in visions every beyond the possibility of communication to another. This is part of the mystery of womanhood, this the secret life of every woman, that on occasion she knows and is one with the Eternal Woman and has her mysterious life in that realm wherein She abides.​
Thus is revealed the yoga most appropriate to woman. Interiorly, it is union with the Eternal Woman and externally it is to make manifest that archetype in daily life. Mentally still, withdrawn from earthly life, she opens the calyx of her higher Self to the descent of the rays fo the Eternal Self as woman. Knowing the union she closes the petals of spiritual love upon the heavenly visitation and is one with the divine in silence, in seclusion, in mystery.

From 20 May 1977
The totality of Archangels on this planet concerned with every process of Nature in which procreation, interior growth, birth, childhood, youth, and motherhood, including that in the animal and plant kingdoms in which some form of pollinization and subsequent developments occur, is under the general and also very real directive "Rulership" of the Holder of the Office of World Mother Who is, therefore, rightly entitled "Queen of the Angels." As far as my understanding and experience inform me, the Blessed Lady Mary, Mother of Jesus, is the present Holder of that Office.​
Supraplanetary Maha-Devis fulfil the same Office for groups of planets in a Solar System upon which those functions have begun to take place and have continued to do so. Such a being - Maha-Devi - is in relationship and collaboration with the Solar Logos, as is the planetary Queen of the Angels, World Mother, Our Lady, with the Lord of the World - in what might be called, if one may so presume, His femininity-functions, extremely delicate and refined as they are in every kingdom.​
This is also true, one presumes, of the Maha-Devi for the Solar System and relationship with, and the fulfilment of, Offices under the more Feminine Aspect of the Solar Logos.

From 21 February 1967
The idea that a human being can evolve to and attain Adeptship in a female body and personality, is age-old and completely true. That certain of the supposed Goddesses - spouses of God - embodied the principles of divine Motherhood and ministered to mankind is founded upon such an occult possibility. Highly spiritual women with this mission before them are extremely rare in that they attain to that perfect pruity which involves a complete abnegation of self, or rather a total outgrowing of all the limitations imposed upon consciousness by the feeling of separation from others. To these virtues are added a transcendent and divine compassion, not only for their own sex, but for every sentient being which can and does suffer, and an intense longing and self-dedication to the reduction of cruelty and pain and every other form of human misery.

Thus, hyper-inspired by all that is loftiest and noblest in human nature - especially in women's nature - on achieving Adeptship, such a Monad-Ego-personality now united into one conscious Being, becomes as an Avatara for the feminine, or negative, polarity of the Logos and the power, life, and currents of the divine Breath and divine Life-Force of Kundalini. The neutral and opposite polarities are equally present in Her Person, but the conserving, protecting, enclosing, and saving attributes are accentuated to produce an Official worthy of the title "The World Mother."

Despite the loftiness of this conception, it is necessary to remember that such an exaltation of all that is highest and noblest and most beautiful in womanhood still uses a representative personality through which Her own higher principles, illumined and inspired by the "descent" of the same qualities of the Logos, function in the world of man. This is the true spiritual Madonna in whatever form She may decide to reveal Herself to humanity.

Thus, whilst away from a sleeping body and meeting Her, one would see a divinely beautiful human form, a perfect woman in fact, lovely in every aspect. One should remember that although beautiful, She is none the less strong, not only with the power of Her own Monad, but also with that of the Logos - all those other attributes are also present in exaltation in Her.

From 28 January 1945

At 9:20 p.m., after returning from the Sunday public lecture, Our Blessed Lady Mary came to talk to me. I became aware at the mental level of the Presence of Our Lady, Who appeared as a highly spiritual, wonderfully refined young lady of perhaps twenty-eight years. She spoke in a voice of compelling sweetness and beauty and with the most engaging charm, saying, "I was Miriam, the Mother of Jesus, and now hold the Office of World Mother. I knew you in that life and befriended you. I have given you messages in this life. Could you not collect all your writings of Me and publish them as an aid to My cause amongst men?" Her shing blue aura seemed to enfold me for a moment, and its light to fill the room. A still peace pervaded me from the highest levels down to the physical. This experience seems like an answer to an unspoken wish, that I might again have contact with Her and receive direct assurance of the correctness of the teachings concerning Her. I now feel utterly sure and rededicate my life to Her service. I had invoked Her aid for a girl of nineteen during a healing service a few days previously and felt a response.

From 7 August 1975

One of the most remarkable attributes of Our Lady Mary is Her complete humility. She did not, and does not, assume or appear in Her most exalted state as, for example, the Adept Queen of the Angels. I revently responded to Her Presence as a visiting (if Adept) Friend. She is the highest possible imaginable spiritualized Queen ...

Having been and being the Mother of Jesus in the reality of His appearance amongst men and His attainment of Adeptship whilst using that body (some of Whose actions and teachings were put together by the Evangelists in a semi-allegorical and gnostic form which presented Him as Jesus of Nazareth), She did Herself attain to Adeptship, took the Fifth Initiation in the Egyptian Mysteries, having also been trained in their Chaldean form, as a woman, meaning in a female body. The tests were very severe in those days, especially for beginners, even for males, but She passed through them all successfully, almost overriding them as it were, instead of being subjected to them. She was then one of earth's Adepts.

The Master Jesus was inherently a masculine Adept as far as His personality was concerned, though it should be remembered that this does not really apply at the arupa levels, where all Monads are sexless, even though certain predominances might remain, especially for a time. Our Lady, on the other hand, may be described as Monadically and inherently feminine wherever personality was concerned. She left the human kingdom altogether and entered the Angelic Hierarchy, being naturally moved to do so, knowing that with Her nature She could best help onward the evolution of huma beings and animals as a Member of the Angelic Hosts.

Difference of sex can in no remotest sense be conceivably applied to Deity and Monads. However, certain cosmogonies, especially the Hindu, teach that a particular highly mystical cosmic energy does function as if oppositely polarized in the fulfilment of the Office of generation of universes. This does not imply male and female, of course, according to the normal human understanding, but rather the universal attributes of positivity, negativity, and a generative interaction.

This Logoic self-differentiation has a profound effect upon the component Monads of the Logos, certain of Whom become more predominantly postive and others negative during the particular period of cosmogenesis or creation. This endures, and the great being Whom we Christians refer to as Our Blessed Lady is Monadically, if one may so presume to think and say, negative, or is inherently of a polarity that is more negative than positive.

Both of these Orders of Being are of equal evolutionary stature, of course, and after Adeptship are able to transcend the restrictions of either. Even so, a tendency remains for the inherent polarity to endure and to be voluntarily responded to after Adeptship. Thus, Our Lady entered the Angelic Kingdom on attaining Adeptship, and has chosen to minister to mankind under the Parvati, true Kwan Yin, Ishtar, Hathor-Isis, Lady Mary Individualities (Hindu, Chinese, Chaldean, Egyptian and Christian, respectively). Thus, in Them, the maternal Spirit, the transcendently compassionate tenderness of all mothers, and indeed motherhood itself, is the predominating impress made upon all orders, communities, groups, and individuals upon whom She bestows Her ministrations. All of these Divine Beings are - for none of Them have disappeared - incarnations of Divine Motherhood.

Although the Lady Mary is no longer limited to expressions as a Person, having long ago won emancipation and liberation therefrom, for the sake of all mankind She does assume the restrictions of a highly spiritualized "Personality" in order to come as near as possible to those whom She helps. This ministration could become much more effective and general if increasing numbers of communities, groups, and individuals would especiallyy recognize Our Lady, and both be gratefully recipient of Her benedictions and offer themselves as Her servers at the personal level.

Thus a World Mother Movement [see date, still needed, Mother Teresa helped!] would at this time be of great benefit to humanity, and would offer Her increasing opportunities and channels for the helping of mankind. Such groupings do exist in certain Roman Catholic institutions, such as the monastery and chapel of Einzedelin. More and more are needed, particularly with greater freedom of religous thinking, even though within the Christian faith. The same, of course, is equally true in other religions in which a Feminine Aspect of Deity and a representative thereof is accepted and believed in. Whilst all forms of ministration woudl be included in the activities of such groups, the underlying principle would be the furtherance throughout the world of compassionate humaneness in every walk of life - so overwhelmingly needed at the present time.

Our Lady suggests inclusions in articles and books being newly reprinted for the Liberal Catholic Church, and certainly an article in The Theosophist, leaving all possible room for freedom of thought.
These are merely a handful of excerpts, from about a dozen references I have in Geoffrey's Diary ... to Our Lady Mary, the Mother of the World. Geoffrey Hodson, it might be remembered, was a Priest in the Liberal Catholic Church, just as J.J. Wedgewood and Charles W. Leadbeater.
And additional word or two, from Geoffrey Hodson's Diary, will be helpful in clearing up the difference between the truth Brotherhood of Luxor, and that spurious, earthly organization called `the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor' (an unfortunate similarity, to say the least - for just LOOK at the confusion it has caused).

First off, a word about Geoffrey's own Master, from 1 February 1945:
The Teacher Who came last September [30th] proved to be an Adept of the Egyptian Branch of the Great White Brotherhood [`White' in the spiritual sense, of purity only] - the Brotherhood of Luxor. He was Philo Judaeus, the Alexandrian sage (c.30BC - c.AD40, which means AD70 to AD140). [NB this correction in dates by Hodson, demonstrating clearly the problems in our dating scheme, all hinging on the FALSE dates currently maintained for the start of the Christian Era!!!]

He assures me of continuing guidance and of progress and responsibility in many hours of teaching which consists largely of interpretations of the symbology of Egypt, the New Testament and Freemasonry. He reveals the ... incarnation which I study with great illumination and an utter sense of reality.

* * * * *
... The Brotherhood of Luxor which was directing H.P.B. and H.S.O. must be distinguished from "The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor." This [the latter] was a spurious organization started somewhere about 1883. The papers about it in the Adyar records show that its principal agent in U.S.A. was a certain "M. Theon, Grand Master pro tem. of the Exterior Circle." This person's real name was Peter Davidson, who, in the secret instructions issued, signs himself "Provincial Grand Master of the Northern Section" ...
... the Theosophical Movement in the beginning was under the supervision of certain Adepts and Initiates who belong to that branch of the Great White Brotherhood which is known as the Brotherhood of Luxor ...​
In the archives of the Theosophical Society is a letter from the Master Tuitit Bey. It is the first one received by Colonel Olcott from the Brotherhood and refers to three of its Adepts:​
From the Brotherhood of Luxor, Section the Vth to Henry S. Olcott.
Brother Neophyte, we greet thee.
He who seeks us, finds us. TRY ...
Thy noble exertions on behalf of our cause now give us the right of letting thee know who they were:

SERAPIS BEY (Ellora Section)
POLILDORUS ISURENUS (Section of Solomon)
ROBERT MORE (Section of Zoroaster)

By Order of the Grand ^
Observatory of Luxor ...

The Egyptian Adept who calls Himself Serapis Bey took charge of the direction of affairs, and He gave instructions both to Colonel Olcott and H.P.B.​
It is also noted that Master Polidorus Isurenus is the "Recorder of the Luxor Brotherhood" which corresponds to the Maha-Chohan's Office in the Inner Government of the World, and in reality the great Egyptian Adept is on the Staff of the Lord the Maha-Chohan.


In a letter to Geoffrey dated 13 February 1945, Tuesday (3:30AM), we read:​
It is I (Master Kuthumi) Whose attention has been arrested by your perusal of My letters of the early days and by your thoughts and memories of Me. You do well to make the most of this waiting time to study under Our Egyptian Brother (Master Polidorus Isurenus) Who is very learned in the Kabbalah and the scriptures of the Jews and of other civilizations. He is a sure and admirable Adept Guide, and you are fortunate to have His assistance; for He will take you far into Our Mysteries and help you greatly in your yoga and your work. Trust Him and He will lead you to great heights. He is free as I am not and has the necessary time to watch over you as you develop. Earnestly study all He gives you and put it instantly into practice, as that is the way to make progress and to earn more teaching.​
There is much more, in this letter, including word and instruction from the Master Morya, and discussion of the 2nd vs. the 1st Rays ... yet it might be noted that Geoffrey's interactions with, and instructions from, the Masters and Deva-Lords (Archangels) only increased as the years went by, his diary being filled with letters from more than four additional decades - some simply attributed to `An Adept,' others to a particular teacher, others yet unattributed.

The last entries made are toward the close of 1982 and January of 1983, mostly from Master Morya - Who is the Head of all true Occult schools on the planet. Yet there are other entries, from Master KH, Master Polidorus Isurenus, Master Nylghara (Jupiter, Agastya, HPB's `Old Gentleman,' Narayan, etc. - the oldest or most Senior of all the Adepts) ... and perhaps another dozen or so simply labeled `An Adept,' plus one unique entry by `A Great Feminine Chohan.'

At one point or another one can even find entries from Master Jesus, Master R. (Rakoczy), and during April-May of 1980 (and elsewhere if I recall correctly, such as 14 Oct. 1979), a communication directly from HPB. One entry in particular, of 1 December 1979 from The Master Tuitit Bey of the Brotherhood of Luxor, has just drawn my attention:​
Yes, Our headquarters is near where you tend to think it is, but totally and occultly concealed from the eyes of the world.

We are able to conceal Our Centres by means of a mayavic veil drawn over them.​
[Elsewhere the Master Morya explains in more detail how this is so, and how - occultly thus - the Hierarchy is spiritually protected from encroachment ... from the world of men.]

A GOOD number of the entries in this Diary of Geoffery's, are directly concerned with his ongoing work for and with the Theosophical Society (and Movement) ... so anyone truly interested in the Inner History (from the perspective of the Adept-Master insprirers, as nearly as we may be able to grasp it, working via Their outer Representatives) of the TS, may wish to see about getting a copy of `Light of the Sanctuary.' The follow-up volume, also Adept-inspired (largely by Master P), is entitled `Illuminations of the Mystery Tradition,' and includes much teaching on the Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Chaldean and yet earlier aspects of the One Mystery Tradition.

One entry further, which I have just come upon, simply must be shared:
5 March 1976 (Epsom, Auckland)
H.P. Blavatsky

Cabinet excellent. Keep it going, then we can communicate. Yes, continue the presentation of the ideas that the Masters still exist, are still near the Society and its members, and that Discipleship of one or other of Them remains a distinct possibility for all those who conform to the Rules with both their mental outlook and actions and their physical lives. The outlook must be one alone and unchanging: to uplift, to make happy, and to show and teach humanity how it can be saved from itself - its only enemy.

Yes, Centenary message good. Why not circulate it widely throughout the Society or your group. The danger is that in looking forward to and bringing about developments in the future, the membership may tend to lose sight of, touch with, and inspiration from the early years. Do what you can to prevent this, not only in your own work but through suggestions to the leaders, the President for example.

Assurances that our Masters are using you. Congratulations.​

H.P.B. (as I then was)​
Most encouraging, I must say!!! :)
i thought she described her "masters" as Tulkus, which makes more sense from a buddhist perspective...
Correct - the Masters could be said to be tulkus, regardless of any outer, exoteric associations (such as the Tibetan Master DK's periodical role as the Abbot of a large monastery). Following the 5th Initiation (`Asekha' Adept, "no-learners"), a Master creates his body of manifestation directly, via kriyashakti. He is free of individual, and also normal group karma ... though I think that technically he has voluntarily accepted a certain measure of planetary karma, as part of the `Earth Path of Service.'

Still, "John King" probably fits more into the category of a tulpa, thought-form, "artificial" or elementary - a positive `egregoire' (as Eliphas Levi referred to them) ... although I think that in some cases John King was used as a blind for the Master M (Morya, or Maurya), possibly another of the Mahatmas, or even HPB's own abilities to produce various psychic phenomena - as at séances, before the Masters brought such experiments to a halt.

And They did stop this (employing psychic phenomena to gain adherents), as it has been pointed out, because HPB would have soon had an idiot following, of a bunch of unthinking lemmings, demanding materializations and astral bell-ringing instead of working hard for the Society's First and most important Object:
To form a nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour.
This continues to be the TS's primary raison d'etre, with the other objects being of secondary importance:
To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy and science.
To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in man.
Peace Br. Andrew,
I used to listen to Geoffrey Hodson on the radio- which was very difficult because it was broadcast out of Sydney and I was in Melbourne!

He spoke on radio 2GB, which was a theosophical radio station. Originally it was going to be named 2AB after Annie Besant but the Australian Broadcasting Commission had that. It became 2GB in honour of Annie Besant's previous name - Giordano Bruno!

There is a man carrying on Hodson's work- a Dr. Geo in Melbourne- who is in contact with the nature beings.

Wow!!! Thanks for sharing this, Bruce. I had no idea ... (except for the bit about AB being GB)


Bruce and Andrew,

I didn't know there used to be a Theosophical radio station in Australia. I heard the San Diego California group had their own TV show, and those old video tapes used to be available for viewing on the Internet.