The Anna Kingsford Story

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Hi Guys,
This is a quote from Dr. Kingsford
"I have killed Paul Bert, as I killed Claude Bernard; as I will kill Louis Pasteur, and after him the whole tribe of vivisectors."
The essence of Blavatsky's reply was that we attack the principles not the persons.It is a pity that Dr. Kingsford let herself down badly, through impatience on this issue.Her Hermetic Society and books such as The Perfect Way had many eminent supporters such as C.C. Massey, Wynn Wescott, S.L.M. Mathers, Dr. George Wylde and Baron Spedalieri (Eliphas Levi's successor).Much of her work /impulse reincarnated itself in Rev.Todd Ferrier's Order of the Cross.
The Order of the Cross is an informal Christian Fellowship, dedicated to the Compassionate Life and the realization of the Christ within. Since its foundation in 1904 it has promoted a pacifist and vegetarian way of life.
More about her activities:
"In the course of the summer of this year, 1886, a proposal to study occultism was made to her by a notable expert, who, being well versed in Hermetic and Kabalistic science, had attained his proficiency in the best schools. Had the exercise been, as originally contemplated, a purely intellectual one, then there had been no ground for apprehension. Butthe prospect involved of obtaining power over the elemental forces suggested to her the practical utilisation of these agencies on behalf of the animals by directing them against some of the leading vivisectors, and especially M. Pasteur, who was generally regarded as the chief champion of the method..."
p. 246
"Yesterday, November 11, at eleven at night, I knew that my will had smitten another vivisector! Ah, but this man has cost me more toil than his master, the fiend Claud Bernard. For months I have been working to compass the death of Paul Bert, and have but just succeeded. But I have succeeded;the demonstration of power is complete. The will does and can kill, but not always with the same rapidity."
P. 268 Anna Kingsford by Ed Maitland For the record Pasteur did become ill, but he out-lived Anna who died in 1888.
-Br. Bruce