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Just to add to comments I've made previously-
There was an error made by some occultists when searching the Akashic
Chronicle in mistaking the overshadowing of Jeshu Ben Pandira by the
Maitreya Bodhisattva in an Essene community for Jesus of Nazareth- who
lived one hundred years later.

The name of this individual was Jesu Ben Pandira. (BTW the Essenes or
"Jessenes", were named after King David's Dad: Jesse.) He is the
Teacher of Righteousness of the Dead Sea Scrolls and is also mentioned
in the Talmud.

He was born of a Jewish mother and a Roman soldier father- Mariam a
virgin, who was subsequently "outraged".

He was stoned to death and hung on a tree in Lud /Lyddia. You can read
in detail about this Jesus in G.R.S. Mead's 'Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.?'

Gregory Tillett's biography of Leadbeater "The Elder Brother" (1982) states-
"There is not a single reputable Biblical scholar, archaeologist or historian who supports this claim, and, on the basis of modern research, there is no reason to seriously question the traditional date for the birth of Jesus at about 5 B.C." (p. 272).

According to Steiner this Jesus was an important teacher in his own
right in that he was an incarnation of the Maitreya Bodhisattva- an
overshadowing exactly.
This solves many anomalies.

When HPB directed her occult gaze back to find the Christ she missed
the Event altogether.

Why was this so?

The reason why is that Christ does not appear in the Akashic Record.
The disciples appear to be talking to thin air.

What Blavatsky did see (as many after have also) is the individuality
of Jesu Ben Pandira (son of the Panther) son of a Roman soldier and a
Jewish mother. He is said to have been stoned to death and hung on a
tree in Ludd or Lydia. He was an Essene and lived 100 years before
Jesus of Nazareth.

HPB is quite clear about this. He is the Teacher of Righteousness and
identified by Steiner as the Maitreya Bodhisattva. You can see why
Leadbeater, Bailey & Creme mistake Maitreya for Christ. See comments
in the TS History magazine.

-Br. Bruce
Bruce, I cannot follow what you are suggesting here. You seem to contradict yourself, but then, that may just be my failure to understand your point. Could you spell it out a bit more clearly, please?

As I see it, we know - according to the occult record (ADEPT provided and verified, NOT simply tossed about in error by a disciple here & there) - that Jesus of Nazareth was born ~105 or 104BC. THIS is the figure upon whom we should focus, inasmuch as this 3rd Degree Initiate appears about three times in the Bible, prior to this particular birth.

With Moses, Jesus walked as Joshua, Son of Nun, and took over as Moses' successor. He appears later in the time of Ezra as Jeshua,and took the 3rd Initiation as Joshua, which is described in the book of Zechariah.

The birth year of ~105BC will put the later overshadowing of Jesus more on par with the start of the Piscean Era ... which overshadowing was the Christ, Maitreya Bodhisattva.

There are certainly authors with differing opinions on this matter, and supposedly "the aliens" (extra-terrestrials) have told us that they created jesus to begin with ... but you see, I find the "alien explanation" every bit as silly as the insistence of 99% of Christians that it HAS to be - that Jesus was born when "expert historians" maintain that he was.

Christ, we learn from the Tibetan Master, was the earlier Teacher Sri Krishna, though it is still not clear to me just how He manifested in that instance - whether via overshadowing, or true, direct incarnation. Perhaps the former, if world karma only allowed Him to overshadow his Initiate-Pupil Jesus, a FULL CENTURY before the time history (erroneously) records his appearance, before the sons of men.

Yet another earlier appearance, in a far less well known incarnation (overshadowing?) is mentioned by the Tibetan - for Maitreya, the Christ - but no name is provided. It is provided, however, that the Christ now holds the etheric body of St. Patrick - and we may presume that ONE option He had for a method of Reappearance to the sons of men would simply be to clothe a form of "flesh & blood" around this etheric template. At any rate, His portrait, as spiritually impressed to the artist David Anrias, can be found online at

Jesus, meanwhile, was crucified and died with the taking of the 4th Initiation, while the Christ took two Initiations, and fully assumed His role as World Teacher, or Bodhisattva. Nevermind what Creme says; I find his teachings are glamoured, although he copies Alice Bailey, et al, at length - so, naturally, much of what one reads from Share Int'l is more or less accurate, imho.

Still, Jesus reincarnated as Appollonius of Tyana, took the 5th Initiation, and continued a very special work for the Hierarchy, which involved the magnetisation of several spots, via occult talismans - and (re-)establishing of magnetic lines in the ether .... much being said about this in the works of Master Morya via Helena Roerich (Agni Yoga, The Teaching of Living Ethics).

Jesus, become `Master Jesus' as Appollonius of Tyana, is one of the senior-most Masters of the Hierarchy, being the 6th Ray Chohan ... comparable in attainment to the well-known Theosophical Mahatmas KH and M (2nd Ray, and 1st Ray Chohan, respectively).

One Christ, One Bodhisattva, called by Buddhists Maitreya, and our future Buddha, just as Shakyamuni Buddha was the previous holder (during Atlantean days) of the `Office of the Christ,' handing that over to the Individual Maitreya when He Himself became `Awakened.' Overshadowing, I think, may not be something that the average reader is familiar with, nor is it part & parcel of occult development, or at least, not in the sense that Jesus of Nazareth lent his body to the Christ, Jiddu Krishnamurti doing the same thing, briefly, during the experiments at Ommen ~85 years ago or so.

All very fascinating, all worth investigation and contemplation, yet none of it currently holds up, or impedes, the work of the Masters and Their Ashrams ... nor does any confusion about this prevent the Christ from overshadowing the masses, including GROUPS of many disciples together, simultaneously - and worldwide. In some cases, this already definitely assume the form of a particular disciple, Initiate, or aspirant here & there ... receiving a more full stimulation, or overshadowing influence - and it may be that in time, the decision is made to appear via some kind bloke in London, after all, but it could just as easily be a lady in Cairo, or a young man in Belarus.

We really don't know, and as Master DK says, speculation, even by some of the Masters, is futile, for - only to the most Senior among them is the precious (which I will leave, though certainly I meant `precise') day and time known; the rest, only work with utmost dedication, and self-sacrifice, and call us to do the same.

All this business about when was Jesus born, and where, and where'd he go for all those years - I have utmost faith that it will be cleared up in time, while until then, the best we can probably do is guess.


Dear Br.Andrew,
I know your coming from but that is not where I'm coming from!:)

Substantially my position is that of Steiner and those who more or less follow in that stream. (We do differ sometimes.) And that is that the Divine Creative Word (as it is recorded in the prologue of St. John's Gospel) incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth and that Jesus was born about 2000 years ago.

First of all, when we date the Gospel events they tend to fit that time scale.

HPB does describe the Essene Jesus who live earlier and was stoned to death and hung on a tree in Lud. This was Jesu Ben Padira/Pabthera. He is disctint from Jesus of Nazareth who lived 100 years later.

Now to make it more complicated:
There were two Jesus children (known as the two Jesus children heresy). This conception is not new at all. There are old paintings depicting it.

This is explains the differences in Matthew and Luke.

The original Zarathustra was incarnate in one of the children. He later became the Master Jesus. The Christ Being incarnated in Jesus at the time of the baptism.

That is my position.

In Christ,
An interesting take on it, yes. I think the Theosophical presentation has Shakyamuni Buddha appearing earlier as Zoroaster (the original), as well as Thoth-Hermes, Orpheus and the poet Vyasa. Of course, these incarnations, some of them, date back tens of thousands of years BC ... so they are WAY out of sync with exoteric religious dates.

The Buddha (Shakyamuni), as you probably know, is supposed to be an arhat who comes to us from "the Moon Chain." This makes him, technically, the eldest of Humanity's Souls. The Christ, then, formerly Sri Krishna and another, lesser known teacher, is a much younger Soul, but applied Himself from earliest times - and comes in something like a close second to the Buddha.

Master Morya, however, emphasizes in the Agni Yoga teachings that we should not try to compare these two Eldest Brothers of the One Human Family:
People will ask: “Who is greater, Christ or Buddha?” Answer: “It is impossible to measure the far-off worlds. We can only be enraptured by their radiance.” The Ray of Christ feeds the Earth as much as the Rainbow of Buddha bears the affirmation of the law of life.
(Illumination III:IV:8)
You and I may continue to hold our respective opinions, yet the Buddha taught: "Cease to hold views."

Until then, I guess I can only stick to the teachings of Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans, Helena Roerich, Geoffrey Hodson, etc.
Zarathustra might well have been a Buddha. He was the most highly initiated man at that time. He had the greatest amount of experience.- See Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience.

I just found an example of HPB's views on Jesu Ben Pandira:

"...and many were the good and holy men in antiquity who bore the surname or title of Chrestos before Jesus of Nazareth, otherwise Jesus (or Jeshoshua) Ben Pandira, was born."
-The Esoteric Character of the Gospels.
There are other places too were she identifies Jesus with Jesu Ben Pandira..

As I said, that is wrong historically.
BTW HPB also made a mistake when she said the Dugpas were Black Magicians.

Yes there are anomalies in spiritual teachings; but we do the best we can....

Warm Regards,