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If there's something missing from the site that you'd like to see, then feel free to place your requests here!

Do check the content thread for reference to what may or may not be coming anytime soon - I am aware that the site is expanding, and have my eye on future avenues of info to include. ;)
Is there any chance of some info on Rastafarianism. From a purely sociological point of view, the idea that they believe that Emperor Haile Selassie I is God on earth, is facinating. I cannot think of another religion in which this is the case.

Also, I am unsure if it would be against what this site stands for, but would it be possible to have a section reserved for the psychology and sociology of religion. In my opinion, I think that why a person believes what they believe, is as important as any belief itself. I can fully understand empirical enlightenment, even if I do not neccessarily believe in it my self. The idea that someone can create a belief system based on what they have experienced firsthand seems to me to be both rational and scientific. What does however interest me from a sociological standpoint, is the believe in God, by someone who has never had what you might call a "religious experience". I myself have never had a religious experience (aside from seeing Tool live - lol), but I see people who are the same as me, who still believe in things they have no proof of. Is this the result of some form of spiritual enlightenment, or are they simply misguided. I think that the whole sociological analysis of religious belief would make a really facinating addition to this site, assuming of course you do not feel that it would contradict what you understand to be the nature of foundationist exploration.
Ah, some very good suggestions. Actually, I'd already like to look at specific cultural influences, so the idea of a section on the psychology and sociology would be a nice extension of that exploration.

I need to finish off the section on world religions - then after that I want to get a philosophy section done. I'll see what happens, though. ;)

Btw - I will try to get something posted soon on the Akashic records, as promised. Not forgotten.
May I suggest a glossary of dictionary word definitions. I have noticed that several words have already been misused (at least by the defintions of my favored dictionary site anyway). Let me start with a few definitions all from that site. Feel free to use them here, elsewhere, or not at all as the case may be.










Sorry about the slow replies to this topic - and the I Ching is in preparation, along with a couple more Confucian works. ;)

The Internet Book Of Shadows might be handy too. I have a copy in the form of a 7.66meg pdf file - if you have a way of getting it from me - perhaps through msn. That is of course if you don't already have it. You could also get it from KaZaA - thats where I got it, but if you would rather I send it to you - that can be arranged easily. Also some articles on astral projection, lucid dreaming, dowsing etc would be really nice too, no rush obviously. ;)
It's actually already on in HTML form, and I've certainly considered putting up at least some content from it. Think I linked to an article from it on the topic of the Fool in that thread?

Either way, the Chronicles "Gathering Encyclopaedia" was such an utter time-intensive pain to do that I really need a break for the moment from uploading files!

Especially as I've just discovered that I haven't even optimised the files for search engines, especially Google - which means that I wil have to go back and possibly re-do every page again! PLUS the site needs redoing - completely - for search engine optimisation!

I have also taken a break from the marketing - spent the entire weekend - no literally - immersing myself in the subject for the sites.

I am now merrily surfing along for a couple of days at least. :)
Well, I finally got around to looking out for Rastafarian resources.

Essentially there are two sacred texts associated with that - the Holy Pilby, and the Kebra Nagast. The first does not appear to be available online, but the second is from sacred-texts - comprises of about 110 chapters, plus prefaces and appendices. As usual, it's a direct lift from an old book and frankly looks it. An extensive amount of editing would be required to neaten the entire thing up - which looks like more than a little too much work than I can handle at the moment.

Bigmacscanlon - I did also originally promise you yonks ago that I would seek out some info on the Akashik Records. I'm going to go do that now and then post something up on the forum.