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Not sure where or even if this belongs here, but here goes.
My beautiful 8 year old grandson is going through a battery of tests for what we don't know yet. A few weeks ago he started to complain of his legs feeling weak and this boy is very active and outgoing, His mom took him to the doctors as he seemed out of sorts for Robbie. While getting checked out they found a mass about the size of a walnut under his left breast and his white blood count was not normal and since Monday he has had four uncontrollable nosebleeds that required trips to the emergency room. The last trip he was put into the hospital for a few tests etc. Yesterday they did a biopsy on the mass. I spent most of yesterday with him and his mom at the hospital. This morning my daughter came home to take a shower and spend a little time with her other son when we got a call from the hospital and now Monday she has to met with an oncologist. she is absolutely terrified as I am. Last month he weighed 68 pounds this month he is at 57 pounds and that is quite a bit of weight for a child of his size.
How are we supposed to handle this? I know I have to really stand up for them and be strong no matter what the outcome may be and believe me I have been praying. My grandchildren mean the world to me. I was the first person to hold him and was in the delivery room. My daughter and grandsons have lived with me most of their lives so we are all very close. Every time I even think of what is going on my heart breaks, the very thought of this little boy going through this is very upsetting and right now does not seem fair that a healthy active child is struck down with only God knows what.
I don't care what someone beliefs are but please send good thoughts his way.

Thank You
Dear Nita--

I will be lifting you and your dear grandson and family up in Love. As a cancer patient myself, I can tell you that the best thing you can do for them is just be there, even if it is sometimes in a silent way. In the meantime, just know that there is so much out there these days regarding healing that wasn't available even just a few years ago. And many people live long and happy lives even with this condition.

If you or your daughter have a chance to inquire about any available clinical studies, that can also be helpful. Many people are afraid to look into these things, but I know that my life has been prolonged because of them. There is a lot of support out there for patients and families, and some programs specifically for children. One thing I have noticed about those dear little ones is that because of their innocence, they are able to trust more completely, and I have been inspired by so many of the ones I have met. And I have seen miraculous things happen. Don't give up hope.

I could write all day about this subject, but I won't do that here. If you ever want to private message me, feel free to do so. I will listen, talk, pray with you, or help you with any resources I can.

Oh, my heart goes out to you and I will definitely pray for you and your grandson.

Last night, I was a participant in the "Relay For Life" fundraiser put on by the American Cancer Society. It was truly inspiring. Whatever the outcome, please know there is hope.

Please keep us informed...

Much Love, Karen
I just got back from the hospital and Robbie is very upbeat and eating well.
We were able to speak with his primary doctor who is very child oriented and very reassuring. He said Robbie was basically healthy and he could tell loved.
My daughter his mom is a student right now and does not have insurance so she was referred to a program to help with the medical cost which could be substantial. I have made up my mind that I will sell my home if need be or whatever it will take. He has to have a bone marrow test and so will his family members, but I can not give bone marrow since I have both lupus and RA and that pains me that I can't.
My family has had it's share of cancer, my Mom died of brain cancer, my brother died of liver cancer and a bunch of aunts and uncles. They were not children and had other health issues that Robbie does not.
Robbie has an older brother who is 13 and adores Robbie. Caleb is Robbie's protector and today when Caleb was at the hospital the pain in that boy's eyes was haunting. On the way home in the car Caleb started crying and it took everything I had not to break down. Caleb volunteered his bone marrow or whatever Robbie needs, then Caleb said it should be him sick and not Robbie. Talking to Caleb right now is almost useless. The two boys are best buddies and hang out alot together. My daughter is staying at the hospital overnight with Robbie. She has always been overprotective of the boys and raised them to be little gentlemen, be polite, do their homework as a matter of fact Robbie made the honor roll this year with straight A's and is a math whiz already and a little computer geek, the little guy is as tough as nails and does not back down from anything or anyone. He loves God and gets mad if anyone does not prayer at dinner. He is built like a football player with wide shoulders. For a long time he was the smallest kid in school and started ST grade wearing 3's and it was hard for his mom to find clothes or uniforms small enough, now he is still one of the smaller kids.
I keep thinking of last summer and we took the boys to kings island an amusement park here in Ohio and Robbie was too small for alot of the rides so I the biggest chicken when it comes to rides stayed with Robbie. It was very hot and humid that day so we were looking for ways to cool off and out of the blue it started raining so hard and we just walked through the rain getting soaking wet and having a blast.

Thanks for the responses they are really appreciated and I will keep you informed.

Thank You
Robbie does not have cancer!!!! It was a cyst of sorts and they were able to remove it. His blood count was odd because of a mild infection he had from a splinter he had got in his foot from about a month ago and his bloody nose was from a sinus issue.
I do know this whale thing has made me realize how much I love my grandchildren. I can't even imagine not being in there lives.
Oh, Nita--I am so glad to hear that Robbie does not have to face this!! I cried when you told us about it the first time, and I'm crying now, but tears of joy. Praise the Lord! (I know, this is the lounge, and there's no "religious" talk here, but I can't help it--just came out!)

Time to celebrate. Enjoy your grandchildren! :)