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Hi There,

We all know the healing power of our Dear Christ, in the context now of His Emergent Church. All substances can be prayed over that He may heal that substance.

I can recommend the fruit and vegetable juice diet as a great healer for many illnesses; and I can give you the rationale if you want it.

Dr. Sandra Cabot has written books on juice diets, having experienced tremendous success with it in her own family- the curing of a deathly case of Bright's disease in her Grandmother. There are some juices, however- like orange, potato and tomato juice for instance - which may be

The most outstanding herb for weight reduction is Stinging Nettle. Consult any good herbal book.

I have read in the past that the Queen of England was prescribed and took homeopathic arsenic.

"I am an evil, poisonous smoke . . . But when from poison I am freed,
Through art and sleight of hand, Then can I cure both man and beast,
From dire disease oft times direct them; But prepare me correctly, and take great care That you faithfully keep watchful guard over me; For else I am poison, and poison remain, That pierces the heart of many a one." (Valentini)
"The alchemists' symbol for arsenic, a menacing coiled serpent, probably symbolizes very well the element's prevailing evil reputation."

Arsenic has long been used as a tonic- and not just homoeopathically. (Don't try any of the following - only to be attempted by trained professionals with a death wish.)

In Turkey a mixture of orpiment - yellow sulphide of arsenic - and lime was used for removing hair from the face.

Arsenic has long been given to horses, mixed with their food. It improves their coat and increases their agility- and probably the cause of mysterious deaths in racehorses.

In Styria, Austria, a mountainous district west of Hungary, lived a race differing from all others, a mountain race supposed to be eaters of arsenic, a drug which they believe gives them a good complexion and stamina for mountain climbing.
"It is said that the bodies of these arsenic eaters remain undecomposed for a long time."
The English-speaking world was sceptical on hearing about these arsenic eaters- some of whom were particularly addicted to this habit.

And well might they be sceptical, because there is a law about taking medicines that medical science of today doesn't recognise and that is:

"there are periods during the day, month, and the year, where toxicity will rise and fall - the complete relationship to man will alter.
Differing results will be shown depending upon ingestion times, and times of overall experiments. A substance can swing from a food to a poison in twelve hour periods."
From Testing Medicines- The Elder Brothers of Humanity
Fortunately the arsenic-eaters of Styria knew about this law and it saved them from death.

The following may be helpful for doses of homeopathic arsenic (the safe alternative):

The Styrian arsenic eaters began by taking a small grain about the size of a grain of millet, when the moon was in the first quarter, gradually increasing the dose until at the time of the full moon they swallowed pieces as large as a pea. When the moon began to wane the dose is reduced until at the time of the new moon none is taken. They refused to eat the arsenic directly after drinking and abstained from it when partaking of fatty food.

Working in this way these people built up an incredible immunity to arsenic.
As with any drug, there were withdrawal symptoms; and the body was reduced to a state of weakness if the dose was reduced or given up entirely. Unlike with the effects of narcotics though, these people were absolutely fit and healthy.

So good luck with your homeopathic arsenic; and remember the moon