Christ & the Mysteries

Bruce Michael

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Hi Readers,

Things have changed since the Mystery of Golgotha. Initiates did meet with Christ in Apollo, in Ahura Mazdao et. al., but not with the freedom we are given today- that is if you are talking about the ancient Mystery Schools.

There are many secrets which have been kept from humanity, some of which are still guarded
in the various occult lodges. You see, all the knowledge, power and "accoutrements" of the schools of Atlantis (which was continued in the Hibernian Mysteries) Lemuria, Egypt etc. are still there. But to revive some of these things is Black Magic or at least Left Hand path. Particularly when the operator/priest uses them to overcome/interfere with others- depriving them of their freedom. Mostly these followers are lied to and don't even know what's going on anyway.

All these secrets will be revealed in time- many in this century. And those occult lodges will be shocked and no doubt try to stop such "leakages", as they tried to stop Blavatsky.

This is what Christ gave to us:

"Christ simplified the hazardous and gave all men the quick ability to instantly know as well as any adept, and decide all moments as they arrive. He gave them the wisdom of the Heart, and this wisdom surpasses all method and law, all creed, all stipulation.

"For, once and for all, a man did not require, as he had, to conform to the rigors of the temple creed. His 'honours' were now internal, whereas they were formerly given and decided by the will of another. However, our Christ has given back to every man, himself. He did say in gesture, in the magic of soul, that we might all win the Kingdom simply, in pure Love; and that all the rest, all of the rest is consequential to that.

"This is a freedom for all aspirants. It implies that one does not live to please any worldly Master (named or not named); that a man need not consult a manual to find himself, or for that matter, correct himself; he may stand directly before Christ on any matter and know in his heart where best lies his next direction."
Many wish to stifle the Christ Impulse. It does not suit their plans at all. There are adversarial beings behind a lot of these Orders. Let's face it, for humanity to know all the occult secrets now without the appropriate moral development would be a disaster. But it must be said all of the major truths, they are available for all to view.

Br. Bruce