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Occult memory has many forms, such as the memory of higher beings, the memory of our planet, the astral light etc.

In occult literature you often read of the Akashic Record as though it is one uniform memory bank. And just what does it consist of? A finer ether?

Valentin Tomberg rightly differentiates between the different forms of the Akashic Chronicle.

In the case of Anne Catherine Emmerich I would hazard a guess that she has accessed the memories of a higher being. That higher being being the Group Spirit of the Catholic Church. Incidentally, the books of Anne Catherine Emmerich were an inspiration for Mel Gibson's The Passion.

Her biography is a good read. She was brought up in the most terrible poverty. Her house consisted of a dirt floor with stakes driven through the floor to separate the animals from the human inhabitants. There was no chimney and the smoke from the fire just wafted about the room.

Her strictness troubled me. Even as a child she devised punishments for herself (like applying stinging nettles), when she thought she had stepped out of line in thought and deed. It is an example of what happens when the spirit becomes as a slave driver.

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