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How are you all?

Has anyone heard of Lorenz Oken? He had changed his name from Ockenfuss.

Born Aug 1st 1779, Died 1851 In 1807 he was Professor extraoridinarius of medical sciences at Jena.

Goethe attended his lectures, being on the privy council and rector of the university.

He theorised that the head was a repetition of the trunk- a kind of second trunk with limbs and other appendages. I have seen have proofs for this using projective geometry and it is something Dr.Steiner talked about as a principle of reincarnation- the head once being the trunk.

The homology of the head and trunk was claimed by Goethe as his own theory in his Morphologie (1820).
It was Oken who wrought out the theory that the skull is a modified vertebrae- again claimed by Goethe. So let's give credit where it's due.

Oken was truly an extraordinary man, way ahead of his time and time will vindicate his theories.

It has been a bit of a running joke here lately that if you want to shock someone - like the local vicar - tell them about the doctrine that the animals descended from man and not the other way around. The road to desire as it appeared in the pure man Adam Kadmon, is made up of animal forms.

"There is an important occult axiom: Every quality has two opposite poles."
"In the same way every Kamic [desire] quality also has two opposite
"For instance man cast rage out of himself into the lion..."
"Passion should no be annihilated, but purified..... called by the Pythagorians catharsis."​

-Rudolf Steiner (all quotes from the Foundations of Esotericism)

He also tells us the cunning of man was cast into the fox.

The Elder Brothers have a teaching about the giraffe and have also spoken about the dog in this regard.

According to Dr. Steiner, Oken knew all about these things. At an earlier stage Man separated himself off from the cold-blooded animals:
"Oken connected the cuttlefish with the human tongue In this analogy of the tongue with the cuttlefish one can find an occult significance"

Everyone stick their tongue out and experience the cuttlefish in it!
"Zoology is the science of human biology."
"That which is a finger nail, may speak of a shell to a shellfish. That which is a humble crab, has adorned himself with part of the skeletal structure (skull, coccyx). Does the snake follow the bowel? He certainly excretes poisons very cleverly derived."​

-From the Elder Brothers