does god laugh at childish forum posts?

it is childish to worry about humans going to hell. most adults are used to the idea and wouldnt think to question. Im sure a lot of people hope god laughs at my post. a lot of people like the idea of god that takes revenge on naysayers
Kindest Regards, Blazn!
i wasnt talking to you, but ok.
You are not forgotten. I simply haven't seen much worth responding to that hasn't already been addressed over and over again. Kinda gets boring and tiring repeating myself, especially for those who really don't care to listen anyway.

As for G-d having a sense of humor, I think He does. Maybe not quite humor in the sense we humans think of, but I think some delight in comedy is universal. Some say laughter is good medicine, and I believe it is when it comes from a pure source. I find laughter is more genuine and pure when we laugh and find delight with each other and ourselves, rather than laughing at the misfortunes of others.
lol, yes indeed.

Laugher is not always to belittle. Sometimes it is there to appreciate life, people, situations, experiences. To absorb and digest. To express appreciation of something that makes life more meaningful and less boring.

"Childish" forum posts or not really "childish," just "child-like.":D Innocence and naivete are welcome. We all started from humble origins.

And also, is there not a child in all of us?:) It is often nice to be able to go back to the good-old days and remember what happened to make us who we are, and laugh at what we did back then.....and possibly laugh at those who are now taking the same road, as a reflection of what we did ourselves.:D

It may actually be a sign that we're still the same (intrinsically). Haven't changed a bit. Ok, maybe we've learnt something and had a few wars and battles, and battle scars, but intrinsically.....the same.
"The very One sitting in the heavens will laugh; Jehovah himself will hold them in derision."—Ps. 2:4. ....... so then ,talking about God laughing ,
Jehovah God is described as laughing in derision at the nations, at their boastful words, which come to nothing, and at the confusion their foolish course against him brings. (Ps 59:8) He knows his own power and purposes, and he laughs at the puny, futile opposition they bring against him and his people. (Ps 2:1-4) A wise person surely wants to avoid having Jehovah laugh at him. (Pr 1:26) While Jehovah has no pleasure in the death of the wicked (Eze 18:23, 32), he is unworried over their plots against his people and laughs because he sees the day of deliverance for the righteous, in which the schemes of the wicked will fail and wickedness will be ended forever.—Ps 37:12, 13, 20......................... so God does laugh .