The Lost Word

Bruce Michael

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Hello All,

The full story of this cannot be revealed to humanity at this time.

There are two camps opposing each other on the issue. We have the "sex is evil, created by the devil". I feel that sex and physical reproduction can be a most holy thing. It is the synthetic overlays which bring in the evility, the sin- egotism, lovelessness, irreverence and a separation from God. This view is in harmony with the Secret Doctrine of the Israelites BTW. Sex itself is a microcosmic expression of a macrocosmic process.

But using the sexual forces (connected with the kundalini) for spiritual enlightment (as it is used in tantric practices) is dangerous thing. The Kundalini masters of India were and are celibate!

In ancient times it was not like this. The connection between sex and spirituality was universally known throughout the ancient world. Times changed however. The initiate, Moses knew that human development could not go on like this without grave consequences for the health of all. Hence his new teaching, his new covenant. Our development must now take place consciously through the heart and mind.

Before Steiner, Blavatsky told us that the verse in Genesis should read "male-female created He them." This is obvious because Eve only turns up later.

From the Steiner elib:

"In the Lemurian age the sexes began to separate; before that time human beings were hermaphrodites. There was no act of fecundation and conception; procreation took place in a manner which has been preserved in certain lower living beings. The separation of the sexes coincided with the separation of the moon. This applies to all living beings. At that time, certain forces were eliminated from the earth, which had given men the possibility to bring forth descendants without the aid of another being. These forces were eliminated through the exit of the moon. At that time the earth plus moon circled round the sun. But the moon maintained the old movement of the earth-moon planet, for it does not turn round its axis as does the earth.
Even as the moon of today always turns the same side to the earth, its `sun', and never the back side, so at that time the earth-moon planet always turned the same side to the sun. "
Book: The Division into Sexes
"It would sound grotesque, indeed, were you to hear a description of the men of that time. Only gradually was the head developed, and it will continue developing. Men also have organs today that have come to the end of their development and in the future they will no longer form part of the human
body. There are others that will transform themselves. An example is the larynx, which, to be sure, has a great future connection with the heart. At present the larynx is at the beginning of its development, but in times to come it will be transformed into a spiritualized organ of reproduction. You
will get an idea of this mystery if you make clear to yourselves just what it is that a man achieves with his larynx today. "

The force of reproduction in the hermaphrodite Adam Kadmon, is called
kriyashakti. This will be regained in the future and is called the recovery
of the "Lost Word"- a teaching of the Masons.