Schiller's Sensitive Flame Research

Bruce Michael

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Dear Friends,

Sensitive flame research was carried out in Dornach between 1923 to 1935, then stopped for lack of funds. P.Schiller was involved, he made a camera that took photographs 10,000th of a second of the flames. He also made an instrument to see the flames. The flame changes on its inside with the speech of human beings- an aahh or eee for example.

He used a candle flame and tubes with various shaped openings- they had to be just right.

Schiller also experimented with various shaped antennas in silver wire to show the impulses of different planets e.g. Moon- spiral, Sun-lemniscate.

There were plans to build gliders which fly in "living air", funds were not available for this.

Now, Schiller said "Other kinds of power than the etheric will in time become unnecessary." This is true, "Every facet of electrotechnology that is useful to man, may be bettered by utilising etheric-technology. This will be so."
"POWER from the smallest of materials - large amounts unnecessary to the extraction.

You should not need a bag of seeds, (as thought) to motivate a car - the propulsion can be acquired by way of one single seed. It is therefore the nature of the materials employed which make for the nature of the efficiency: Some are less stable than others.

Remembering that the patterns for all are within all. One seed has access to the powers of growth. . . in time. Accelerating time therefore is determining and bypassing the physical substance, purely into etheric force.

Remembering that the laws of electro-technology are not applicable here. The means to effect such radical, but simple energies are completely different and the perspective is necessarily different too."
-From the Brother's New Power

This seed power access was known on Atlantis according to Dr.Steiner. A beginning in this direction will be made in our lifetime.