Spiritual Inclination & Asthma

Bruce Michael

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Hi All,

The spiritually inclined often suffer this illness. I remember that Anna Kingsford the founder of the Hermetic Society was one. She like many in her day took opium- which was the cure-all of the day.

The concept of rest is important for meditation and is also helpful in asthma and other diseases.
Rittelmeyer tell us that "ruhe" (German)or rest is a word that has magic power.

"if you rest (not sleep) do you rest or do you seek to do something? Rest is rest - the dog on the mat knows that - trying to relax is not relaxing. The state of meditation is won when the trying has ceased. Study is honorable, recreational pastimes may or may not be beneficial, but they are not rest!

If a bird is uplifted by a high draught and glides contentedly without effort, he is resting and restoring himself within this special joy. He is not going anywhere, he is not at pains to shelter, feed or protect; he is
actually enjoying himself, supported by the warm current beneath his breast."

From Comprehension & Containment: GOLDEN LIGHT TO CONGEALED AMBER
[With special reference to asthma.]

Apart from when we are "full on" there are times when we need to rest and reflect.

"When you enter in upon reflection, do you speak and command, or do you listen? If we grimace and twist and writhe during said reflection it may be beneficial for us do to so, but it cannot be said that this is pure reflection, observing clearly upon recall. Equally, if we are inclined to rehash the more savoured moments, these too may have their place as inner recreation, but it cannot be said that this is proper reflection either.

Are you beginning to understand? If there are to be certain mineral constituents necessary to one's wellbeing, there are also provisions
afforded behaviorally which are of equal importance.