Virtues Devict Vices

Bruce Michael

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[FONT=&quot]The subject of Virtue Vice pairs has been examined over a long period of time. They were part of the Christian Cabalist, Raymond Lully's (1232 to circa 1316) system.

[/FONT]Blessed Raymond was indeed a great teacher. In his Felix or the Libre De Meravalles he tells of the adventures of Felix amongst Christian Hermits, abbots, knights, philosophers etc. In this form he demonstrates the contrasts and correspondences amongst the virtues and vices.

Yanis Dambergs is an expert in the Lullian Art

That virtues devict vices is part of the Brothers' teaching in line with Lully. Also that vices attract more of the same and vice versa.

"The sin of haughtiness, the sin of conceit, would rather not have you identify that there be sin at all, within or without.

So many would hearken to the calling of the Divine, but when one mentions the elementary perfunctions of Sin and the corresponding Virtues, they tend to run the other direction. But where there is a need, that need is answered to in time. Where an individual is bereft of a particular quality or disabled in Holy Virtue, the consequences of that sin so channeled into, shall answer the need and cause the Heavens to prevail in working upon that soul through inspired experience."