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Maybe Postmaster you are not familar with the concept of Manifestation of God which we Baha'is call it ... For a good explanation of the concept see the following article:

The Eternal Quest for God: Chapter 6

I suggest that the Manifestation of God in the Baha'i Writimngs is probably not so well known or understood and would commend you for studying and inquiring about it!

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The manifestation concept of the Baha'i faith is that which was once viewed by Marcion towards Christ, I'm sure. It's the idea that a messenger is a reflection of divine will, nothing more and nothing less. I think Manichaeism took it a step further and included other famous religious figures in history.
Baha`u'llah mentions many other Manifestations--some of Whom have no name or book recorded in history. Salih bore a Revelation to Ubar, for instaqnce but we have no record other than the words of Muhammad concerning the recalcitrance of the people of a wicked place to follow Salih.

Other Manifestations leave no name or record at all and we can only make undefinitive gestures to finding Them--Quezalcoatl for instance MIGHT have been such a Manifestation. But no one can say for certain.

I think it’s very humble that some people may have contributed to religious history and never achieved the acknowledgment as the others, I'm not saying they are manifestations but it's possible, or they could even be inbetweens. How would you consider Christian saints..
I think it’s very humble that some people may have contributed to religious history and never achieved the acknowledgment as the others, I'm not saying they are manifestations but it's possible, or they could even be inbetweens. How would you consider Christian saints..

Well, They served Their purpose even if we do not recall Them.

Saints would be like 'nabi' minor prophets. Those who were of particular service to the faith in the lifetime of the central figures were acknowledged as Hands of the Cause of God.

Those individuals make no call in their own name and speak not on their own authority. They call us to remembrance of the Great Prophets.

I think it’s a pity that Marcion’s version of Christ’s divinity didn't succeed. Instead what we were left with was the ancient Greek romance concept that of a son of God, kind of half human half God on earth, as can be related to Hercules and Alexander the Great.

Had the Catholic church not been so violent towards people they viewed as heretical and had Marcion not been so opinionated on other aspects of his theology we very well could have had this view towards Christ today, even as a separate church. It did survive though, we see it alive in the Baha'i faith today. You can never destroy a concept.
Marcion also rejected the real incarnation of Christ, claiming that he was a manifestation of the Father.

Definition of manifestation
  • How spirit energy presents itself to humans or life.
  • The nature of a prophet of the Manifestation of God is thus described in Gleanings from the Writings of Bahá'u'lláh (pp. 66-67): "Since there can be no tie or direct intercourse to bind the one true God with His creation, and no resemblance whatever can exist between the transient and the Eternal, the contingent and the Absolute, He hath ordained that in every age and dispensation a pure and stainless soul be made manifest in the kingdoms of earth and heaven. . . . ...
  • the act or product of bringing about change through the direction of consciousness.
  • The appearance or taking of form of an entity. This can also mean the outbreak of paranormal activity.
  • is one of the terms used to refer to God's Messenger. A Manifestation of God, such as Moses, Christ, Mohammed, and Bahá'u'lláh, to name a few, brings God's message to mankind at various stages in human history.
  • 1. To show, demonstrate plainly, or reveal in a manner that is detectable to the five physical senses of living creatures. 2. The act of manisfesting, or state of manifest.
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Excuse my ignorance but if God made mankind in his image are we all not in some way manifestations of God?
The idea that Christ was a manifestation of God is not unique to the Baha'i faith, infact it's not even unique to Manichaeism, it is the brain child of the theologian Marcion who was later regarded as a heretic to the Orthodox Christian church.

]Marcion —

Jesus was a manifestation of God but as part of the People of Israel, and not on an individual basis. The Scriptures is very clear through Ezekiel 20:41 that, "by means of Israel, God manifests Himself in the sight of the nations."
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at the beginning there was no heaven and hell,, no light or darkness,, no time cycles,, no matter or maya,, no deeds or sins,, no goodness or badness,, no angels or humans..there was nothing just a void,, and the lord was in unmanifested form,, but was endorsed with a will to create..many people thought there was no WILL to create..this is wrong because the lord was endorsed with a WILL to create.. then the lord manifested, the whole creation was created on this manifestations.. now the mystery is what are this manifestations that created the whole creation.. the answer is the lord created the whole universe by the manifestations of his NAMES... NAMES OF GOD.. thru his NAMES the lord is also running his complete UNIVERSAL WILL.. this NAMES are creating, sustaining and distroying a creation.. so the duty for humans are to get inline with this will or in other words SURRENDER TO THE LORD S WILL..this is the will that will take us higher to return back to god head.. NAMES of god actually exists in melodies,, sound of a bell,, sound of harp,, drums and so on...melodies comes in 2 forms struct and unstruct melodies.. when the ego mind is still there not surrendered completely,, struct melodies will be heard.. but when ego or mind is completely cruzified in meditation,, unstruct melodies will be heard.. struct means spirit and matter is still there.. unstruct means matter vanishes