The Teacher of Righteousness & the Christ

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Hello All,

The Teacher of Righteousness of the Dead Sea Scrolls is also mentioned in the Talmud; he was stoned to death and hung on a tree in Lud /Lyddia. Blavatsky confuses him with Jesus of Nazareth.

The Teacher of Righteousness - Jeshu Ben Pandira - also had disciples of his own, but they were a lesser number than Christ Jesus.

Jeshu was a common name. I have read that in some old copies of the Gospels Barrabas is also called Jesus Barrabas. This was taken out for obvious reasons but there is probably a deeper mystery there.

It is important to realise that Christ as He appeared for the three years in Jesus of Nazareth is not accessible in the Akashic records. I have discussed this before on this forum.

Some have thought that Dr. Steiner said "it is all there". Whether we agree with Dr. Steiner on this or other things is a matter for the individual, but let us examine the facts. Although spiritual science takes us into the realm of the weird and wonderful it must at all times be logical.

I found some pages in Tomberg's "Meditations on the Tarot" where he talks of three Akashic chronicles- see from page 562.

So what we are saying is that there is a record of Christ but it is separate to the Akashic Record- for very good -logical reasons.

Firstly - to compare again with Dr. Steiner's studies - he states that when viewing the Akashic Record the passions of a person, an Attila the Hun for example, are etched on the Record. He then states that in the case of a highly evolved individual, a great initiate, these passions don't exist and he would be invisible. In this case it is not just Christ that is invisible.

But lastly there is one very important reason why Christ Jesus cannot be in the Akashic Record and this is it:

Some will know that Rudolf Steiner said that if we come across an individual in the Akashic Chronicle we do not just meet a dead record. In fact the great poets still can write poetry in their original style. The great musicians, such as Bach, will write new music in Bach's style. We can converse with these spectres of the Akashic. These spectres can appear at spiritualist séances.

So how would that be for Christ Jesus? If Christ allowed a double of Himself to be on the Akashic Record then it would be there in opposition to the real thing.

This is the solution then- the disciples appear to be talking to thin air, for our Christ is on a higher level in the Book of God.

It is with this in mind, easy to understand why many clairvoyants when directing their vision to this time, zero in on another Jesus. Not only clairvoyants but scholars as well for this is the Jesus spoken of in the Essene records and the Talmud. His name is Jesu Ben Pandera or Pantera (son of Panther). He was the son of a Roman soldier and Jewish mother - Mariam a virgin, who was subsequently "outraged" - and lived one hundred years before Jesus of Nazareth. You can read in detail about this Jesus in G.R.S. Mead's 'Did Jesus Live 100 B.C.?'

According to Steiner this Jesus was an important teacher in his own right in that he was an incarnation (an overshadowing) of the Maitreya Bodhisattva. This solves many anomalies.

Even today we get many claiming to be the Maitreya/Christ; and on this point we can say from our studies, that they're in error. Rudolf Steiner taught that the Christ would not appear again in a physical body.

Another important point is the fate of Jesus who prepared the vehicle for the Christ. He is an advanced soul in his own right and works on as the Master Jesus, one of the Elder Brothers of Humanity.

Back in 1956 Professor John Allegro wrote an article for Time magazine-

Crucifixion Before Christ - TIME
The Qumrân settlement, he said, was founded by a group of "religious extremists," the Essenes. They probably fled into the desert from Jerusalem's evil priest-king, Alexander Jannaeus, who ruled from 103 to 76 B.C. The unpopular Jannaeus was once pelted with fruit on the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkoth). According to Professor Allegro, this was the man who descended on Qumrân and arrested its leader, the mysterious "Teacher of Righteousness," whom he turned over to his mercenaries to be crucified.
"Already, in Jerusalem, this Jewish tyrant had displayed his bestiality by inflicting the same awful death on eight hundred rebels," says Professor Allegro. "A Qumrân manuscript speaks in shocked tones of the enormity of this crime . . .

This article elicited the following letter:


Professor Allegro's discovery of evidence in the Dead Sea Scrolls that Christ had a forerunner [Feb. 6] corroborates a lecture on the Gospel of St. Matthew that was given at Bern, Switzerland way back in 1910 by a highly independent German thinker named Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). The question of how Steiner was able to create a theory in clear accord with documentary evidence that was still underground is intriguing.

Steiner named Allegro's "Teacher of Righteousness" Jesus Ben Pandira." He described him as the leader of the Essenes, who was inspired "to impart a teaching that was to make comprehensible the mystery of Palestine—the mystery of Christ." Steiner went on to say that "after being accused of heresy and blasphemy [Jesus Ben Pandira] was stoned, and hanged upon a tree." Among the prophet's pupils, Steiner concluded, was a favorite named Netzer, who founded an Essene community at Nazareth. After the return from Egypt, Jesus was taken to Nazareth "that (in the words of St. Matthew) it might be fulfilled what was spoken by the prophets: He shall become a Nazarene." Becoming a Nazarene, said Steiner, meant becoming an initiate of Netzer's Essene community: "There the early years of Jesus were to be passed."