Sons of the Widow

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Hi Readers,
The above term has been applied to the Manicheans- what does it mean? Dr. Steiner indicated that the Young Man of Nain was a previous incarnation of Mani. That boy was the son of a widow.

Hiram Abiff was also the 'son of a widow', so you also have the designation used by Masons.

I mentioned before, the phrase was on the lips of Mormon founder Joseph Smith before he died. ‘O Lord my God O Lord my God O Lord my God is there no help for the widow's son?’

Some more:
Greek Kabala p.9 - Rosicrucian Archive

Earlier on in Egyptian times, Horus was the archetypal "Son of the Widow."

Edward Smith gives Rudolf Steiner's explanation here:

Quoted form the above:
Osiris and Isis, those are the two forces present in the soul: the instructor, representing the divine which flows directly into man, Osiris, he that is the father; the soul itself, Isis, the one who conceives, receives the divine, the spiritual into itself, she is the mother. During the fifth Root Race [the present post-Atlantean; see I-4 and I-1] the father withdraws. The soul is widowed. Humanity is thrown back onto itself. It must find the light of truth within its own soul in order to act as its own guide. Everything of a soul nature has always been expressed in terms of the feminine. Therefore the feminine element—which exists only in a germinal state today and will later be fully developed—this self-directing feminine principle which is no longer confronted by the divine fructifier, is called by Mani the “Widow.” And therefore he calls himself “Son of the Widow.”